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A Virtual Machine profiling platform. Currently restricted to PyPy and CPython.


Setting up development can be done using the following commands:

$ virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 vmprof3
$ source vmprof3/bin/activate

# setup django service

(vmprof3) $ cd vmprof-server
(vmprof3) $ pip install -r requirements/development.txt
(vmprof3) $ python migrate
(vmprof3) $ python runserver -v 3

# install vmprof for development (only needed if you want to co develop vmprof-python)

(vmprof3) $ git clone ../
(vmprof3) $ cd ../vmprof-python
(vmprof3) $ python develop

Please also consult our section for development at


For new feature requests open a new branch or fork the repository. We use continous integration provided by travis. Before you commit run tests using py.test:



Build docker image and apply migrations (for a new setup or version upgrade):

docker-compose build
docker-compose run --rm vmprof-server python3 migrate

Run the server inside docker container:

docker-compose up

Generate API token:

docker-compose run --rm vmprof-server python3 generate_api_token