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WARNING: Kubeless is no longer actively maintained by VMware.

VMware has made the difficult decision to stop driving this project and therefore we will no longer actively respond to issues or pull requests. If you would like to take over maintaining this project independently from VMware, please let us know so we can add a link to your forked project here.

Thank You.


NOTICE This project is no longer actively maintained. Kubeless maintainers will still accept and review Pull Requests but no active development is expected.

CircleCI Slack

Graphical User Interface for Kubeless, a serverless framework for Kubernetes.

In-Cluster Installation

To run the UI inside your Kubernetes cluster as a Deployment and Service you can run the following:

kubectl create -f

These are known to work on minikube, they may need a few tweaks if you have RBAC turned on (docs coming soon).


Project based on davezuko/react-redux-starter-kit

Install dependencies It is recommended that you use Yarn for deterministic installs.

yarn install    # Install project dependencies
yarn run dev    # Launch and watch server

(npm will also work if you really want)

Dev server with Hot Module Replacement should run at http://localhost:3000


You can bundle the app in dist/ folder

This will also run linter and tests.

yarn run build

Now you just have to serve the dist/ folder with node (yarn run start) or with an nginx.

Docker image

Exists and automated build that you can find on DockerHub, and Gcloud Registry by this name: bitnami/kubeless-ui