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This release found a surprisingly large amount of new features and improvements including:
The common theme in these features is that they are about making what you might already do, better:

  • Cut down on CI time with the new --mode=conformance-lite option
  • Better understand and plan which tests and tags to run with sonobuoy e2e without having to launch a single pod
  • Gather API data and logs from the CLI without launching pods
  • Run Sonobuoy with reduced permissions more easily and reliably (--aggregator-permissions)

See details for these and other improvements below.

New Features

Sonobuoy Modes and 'conformance-lite'

  • 0e4a1c5 Add sonobuoy modes command
  • f105e68 Add conformance-lite mode

Sonobuoy has a new command sonobuoy modes which lists the what each of the various --mode options means for the E2E plugin.
This allows users to choose the appropriate mode without even having to navigate to the web documentation.
Instead, sonobuoy modes shows the the name of the mode, its purpose, and its focus/skip/parallel values.

A new option for --mode was added: conformance-lite which runs the fastest tests from the conformance suite (~80%) in parallel.
This allows running of hundreds of tests in just minutes which can cut down CI and debugging times.

E2E Improvements: Built in E2E Dry-run and Airgapped Simplification

  • 90dd4c1 Add e2e command for dry-run help
  • 7af4fe2 Support KUBE_TEST_REPO

We still get numerous questions regarding what tests from the E2E conformance suite can/should be run or what tags are available.
Built into the conformance tests is a "dry-run" feature which allows you to try out regular expressions and filter the tests without running them.
However, doing this still requires you launch Sonobuoy and e2e pods, gather results, and inspect them.
The new sonobuoy e2e command will allow you to try out focus/skip values and immediately get the resulting test list.
Not only that, but by editing the output --mode, you can print only the test tags with or without their respective frequency counts.

Sonobuoy Queries from the CLI

  • 5577b2d Refactor query logic and add to CLI

Sonobuoy gathers lots of data from the API in order to aid in debugging.
If you want that information without bothering with launching any pods at all, just run sonobuoy query.
All the query logic has been extracted and made available on the CLI for faster, easier access.

More Permissions Options For Sonobuoy

  • a4ca834 Add namespaced permissions with cluster read

The --aggregator-permissions options have expanded to include:

  • clusterRead which is namespace admin permissions with added read-only permissions at the cluster level
  • namespaceAdmin which has no cluster permissions, only namespaced ones
  • the default clusterAdmin

In most cases the default is a good choice, but in production clusters where access is more carefully monitored, the other options may be a better fit.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • aea30a0 Adjust progress messages to allow for appending data

    • Plugins can now report progress updates in more piecemeal fashion and the aggregator will combine the results. This fixes a bug where the e2e plugin couldn't report progress when in parallel mode. The fix will be in Sonobuoy, but the upstream fix will get put into releases going forward.
  • 94b6f18 Allow setting aggregator env vars via CLI

    • Sonobuoy now allows you to set environment variables on the aggregator from the CLI via the existing --plugin-env flag using the reserved plugin name sonobuoy. For instance, --plugin-env sonobuoy.KEY=val.
  • 9ba34dc Modify entrypoint for getting e2e test images

    • Fixed a bug which caused sonobuoy images to fail for Kubernetes v1.22+
  • c7c47dc Roles and bindings should have namespace label for deltion

    • Fixed a bug which caused cluster roles and bindings to not be deleted.
      Modified the behavior of sonobuoy delete --all to include deleting all cluster roles related to any Sonobuoy run, regardless of namespace.
      Added back a "namespace" label for ClusterRoles and ClusterRoleBindings in order to properly associate them with their Sonobuoy run.
  • ec3df49 Continue with run even if unable to query nodes

    • Fixed a bug which caused the new --aggregator-permissions=namespaceAdmin option to fail due to the inability to query cluster nodes.

Complete Changelog

  • 0665cd3 Add docs for v0.56.0 and bump version
  • 7c8e495 Fix calculation for appending failures
  • aea30a0 Adjust progress messages to allow for appending data
  • f105e68 Add conformance-lite mode
  • 5bec08c Add test lists for recent k8s versions
  • 90dd4c1 Add e2e command for dry-run help
  • 7871297 added aggregator permissions doc
  • d831a21 Add POC doc for upcoming feature
  • 94b6f18 Allow setting aggregator env vars via CLI
  • 928b7b4 Fix spacing for headers in strategy doc
  • a265fc0 Add strategy doc
  • d98b1fe New document for sonobuoy query
  • 0e4a1c5 Add sonobuoy modes command
  • 7af4fe2 Support KUBE_TEST_REPO
  • a4ca834 Add namespaced permissions with cluster read
  • ec3df49 Continue with run even if unable to query nodes
  • b47d982 Adjust cluster suggestions for starting with Sonobuoy
  • 85b1f22 Add docs for result type gojson
  • e679e44 Add links to top of plugins page
  • 5577b2d Refactor query logic and add to CLI
  • c7c47dc Roles and bindings should have namespace label for deltion
  • 9ba34dc Modify entrypoint for getting e2e test images
  • ae75211 Remove template and convert to code
  • 9506d94 Fix template for namespaced permissions
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237bd35 Add docs and bump to v0.55.1
c2f6968 Fix index bug in gen logic
104cfba Export field
0142d9c Merge pull request #1526 from johnSchnake/exportJunitProcessing
ea56087 Export junitResults type
692611c Merge pull request #1472 from NikhilSharmaWe/newFlag
cdf69c8 Modify the template based on input
bfce3a9 Add flag/config settings for aggregator permissions
0e7f9c9 Manually bump version to v0.55.0 for library code
af1d73c Add more warnings for flag interactions
450be8b Add blog for e2e-skeleton plugin
354bb67 Remove junk and fix links in docs
c5269ae Add ci-lint options

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This is a fairly big release with a number of worthwhile improvements and bug fixes that we would recommend users take advantage of, including:

  • Simplified results reporting for many plugins
  • Better handling of multi-container plugins
  • Bug fixes related to results storage and cooperation between components
  • A new command to wait on an existing Sonobuoy run
  • More os/arch support
  • and more


Sonobuoy automatically reports results if your plugin completes and exits 0

One of the most frustrating types of bugs is where the plugin container runs successfully but fails to write the done file to inform
the Sonobuoy worker that it has completed and where to find the results.

We decided to add a bit more intelligence to the worker to avoid many of these cases. Now, if the worker container is the only container left
running and the others all exited with a status code of 0, the worker will automtaically upload the entire
results directory to the aggregator on your behalf.

e4f0a0d Sonobuoy workers report results of completed plugins

Add environment variables and mounts to sidecar containers

Now that Sonobuoy adds a few environment variables to the containers it creates (Kuberentes version, directory locations, etc), it is reasonable that we should
be adding these to the sidecars and other containers in the plugin.

9ae72e6 Add all env vars to all containers

Running Sonobuoy without any plugins

Many releases ago it was possible to run Sonobuoy without any plugins as solely a means of gathering the other debug information. This use case was
dropped at some point but we have found that some users relied on it so we are adding it back in a simpler fashion.

If you want to run Sonobuoy but not run any plugins, just add SkipPlugins: true to the Sonobuoy config file (e.g.
sonobuoy gen config then edit the file). This will clear out the plugin selections so that the aggregator has no plugins to load.

8c57b24 Add special config option to skip all plugins

New build artifacts: s390x and ppc64le

Kubectl supports these formats and so should we. Thanks to @barthy1 and @MatthieuSarter for this help.

06f5616 Update build setup to publish sonobuoy binary and image for s390x and ppc64le

Add a new sonobuoy wait command

Sometimes you start a sonobuoy run and then later decide you wish you had provided --wait. We added a convenience command
to effectively do that. Just run sonobuoy wait to wait for the Sonobuoy run in the targeted namespace to complete.

17b7050 Add sonobuoy wait command

Rename plugins on a per-run basis without editing YAML

Now that locally Sonobuoy can install/lookup different plugins and configurations, it is much more
likely that a user may want to run two different configurations of the same plugin at the same time. However,
Sonobuoy requires that plugin names are unique.

To avoid having to edit the YAML each time this may occur, you can edit the plugin name for that individual run by a new
bit of syntactic sugar:

$ sonobuoy run -p <old-name>@<new-name>

0434aa0 Allow plugin renaming via @ seperator in flag name

Reworking sonobuoy plugins list output

We are still working out the best approach for some of the plugin management commands. As part of that effort
we've reworked the sonobuoy plugins list output to make it more succinct and to try and make it more clear
how to invoke the plugin from the command line.

a01be9b Clarify plugin list output surrounding name/file

Bug Fixes

Fix bugs involving a custom ResultsDir

A few issues have occurred lately where it became clear that the ResultsDir field of the Sonobuoy
config was not being respected or passed correctly between the different bits of code.

As such, there were situations where the plugin and sonobuoy-worker disagreed about where the results should be stored
or mounted from and other bugs where the CLI client and aggregator pod would disagree about where
the aggregator stored the final product.

9bf47ef Pass ResultsDir through necessary calls

Fixed a bug causing nodeSelectors to not be properly respected

If your daemonset plugin is OS-specific, you'll need to have the nodeSelector set to target the right nodes.
However, Sonobuoy goes beyond the default Kubernetes tracking and will monitor which nodes have or have not yet run
the plugin. It is important that Sonobuoy properly understands the nodeSelector being used or else it will constantly expect
other nodes to report results when none will occur due to the scheduling limitation.

4b072ef Fix plugin nodeSelector issue inc. systemd-logs

Fixed a bug causing some pod logs to be dropped

Fixed a race in sonobuoy logs that sometimes caused logs from random containers to not be gathered.

Also added a new special case to get just the logs from the Sonobuoy aggregator pod:

$ sonobuoy logs -p sonobuoy

95eb1e2 Fix logs bug causing aggregator to be dropped

Full Changelog

dc78b39 Bump version for v0.55.0
f7f9a6f Add flag for specifying the aggregator path to retrieve
8c57b24 Add special config option to skip all plugins
d043d72 Fix bug causing some duplicate gojson tests
9ae72e6 Add all env vars to all containers
e4f0a0d Sonobuoy workers report results of completed plugins
e31cd28 Upload artifacts from integration tests
9bf47ef Pass ResultsDir through necessary calls
bfcbf9b Remove deprecated fields
9109c69 Fix build image push issue
c6e899d Fix issues related to logging and plugin cache
06f5616 Update build setup to publish sonobuoy binary and image for s390x
17b7050 Add sonobuoy wait command
4b072ef Fix plugin nodeSelector issue inc. systemd-logs
95eb1e2 Fix logs bug causing aggregator to be dropped
582ac8a Update GoReleaser config for linux-ppc64le
51f037b Update build script to build ppc64le binary and image
f6ed823 Bump version of systemd-logs
0434aa0 Allow plugin renaming via @ seperator in flag name
a01be9b Clarify plugin list output surrounding name/file
1ca5b4e Add plugin management blog

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This is a big release filled with new features, bug fixes, and UX improvements for all Sonobuoy users and plugin developers.

Major Changes

  • By default, sonobuoy run --wait and sonobuoy delete --wait will now output much more information. This was an experimental feature for a release and it was extremely useful. When waiting on a run, the user is effectively given timestamped changes to sonobuoy status data so you can see when plugins are progressing. When running sonobuoy delete --wait, the JSON for the namespace is output as it changes. This makes it clear what is causing namespace deletion to be slow or hang.
  • Adds some basic plugin management capabilities. You can now try out sonobuoy plugin install <file or URL> and it will store the plugin in a central location so that when you run sonobuoy run -p myplugin the plugin doesn't have to reside in the present working directory. Expect a blog post on this feature as it is a very new capability and we have some ideas how to make it better.
  • Sonobuoy now supports plugin results in go-json format
    • This is the format from go test --json and enables us to support the upstream e2e-framework. To write a plugin that uses this format, simply change the result-type to go-json.
  • Added a securityContext by default and set the user/group/fsGroup; this prevents certain security tools from blocking typical Sonobuoy runs. This is not supported on Windows nodes so a flag was added to turn off this functionality (--security-context-mode=none) if desired.
  • Adds multiple new env vars to plugin environments when run including:
    • SONOBUOY=true to indicate that it was launched by Sonobuoy
    • SONOBUOY_CONFIG_DIR to identify where configmaps will be mounted at
    • SONOBUOY_RESULTS_DIR to identify where the results should be saved
  • By default, Sonobuoy will now gather logs for all pods in kube-system and will query all API resources it can, including CRDs (but not secrets!)
  • Add --rerun-failed flag to sonobuoy run. This takes a filename as a parameter and will walk the given tarball for e2e results and adjust the E2E_FOCUS accordingly to target just those failed tests. This is meant to be a replacement for the older sonobuoy e2e command.

Minor Changes

  • sonobuoy gen will not support all the flags that sonobuoy run does including things like --wait and --skip-preflight in order to make it easier to change back and forth between run and gen for testing
  • Fixed a bug where --level was not respected on the aggregator container and added more logging at the --level=trace.
  • Documented underlying issues with supporting Kubernetes for Docker Desktop
  • Removed managed field data from the data that Sonobuoy queries. This is usually not relevant for users and is verbose and confusing.
  • Fixed a bug which caused podLogs to only be gathered for one pod (typically the Sonobuoy aggregator)
  • Adds a useful dev feature: if SONOBUOY_DEV_REPO is set, it will use that repo for the default Sonobuoy image to facilitate faster iteration
  • Fixed a bug where a plugin's name would cause an invalid configmap name to be generated. A few more restrictions and validation were added to make the naming limitation more clear.
  • Fixed a bug where, when a plugin failed, the Sonobuoy aggregator status would report itself as failed regardless of other plugins. This was originally by design but as we have more fine-grained reporting abilities now, it is not necessary and is potentially confusing.


08bb70f Bump version and docs for v0.54.0 release
b214bb7 Add go-json output support for results
0e55157 Combine gen and run flags
623d739 Add tracing throughout code and ensure level is passed to server
57b5ecc Add known issue related to docker desktop
af87543 Add flag/config setting for security context
b633b4f Export and tweak some of the manual results methods/values
0ffc70b Add more auto env vars to plugins
df0e77d Default our experimental features to true
b51156c Increase default query data
2adb0a5 Removed managed fields from query output
b84102e Improve various logging points on aggregator
7d59d80 Adds easy way for devs to swap their own registry
fe560d0 Do not use deprecated SelfLink
ca27736 Add default security context to aggregator
0f94168 Added validation to gen [plugin] for plugin name
6df070d Adjust the logic for processing plugin results for aggregator status
57feff6 Update contributors on site
90abde6 Fix feature gate name
a189f91 Replace master with main
26b589b Show/maintain fewer versions of docs
dc458b5 Tweaks logging and how pluginList uses cache
f1060a2 Use experimental features in test
34a3fc3 Absorb e2e functionality into rerun-failed flag
baffa30 Add vulnerability scanning to CI
63394b6 Fix readme for github
d3bca9e Fix docs links for 1388 issue

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Shortly after releasing v0.53.1 a bug was found that impacted certified-conformance mode. Since this is an important function of Sonobuoy, we decided to release a patch for this single change. See more details here.


981a3ff Point release for certified-conformance issue
a650400 Add documentation about issue 1388
3a522d4 Fix regression regarding certified-conformance mode

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* NOTE *

This version of Sonobuoy was impacted by #1388 and as a result we decided to push a new point release. Users interested in certified-conformance mode should use a newer version and/or see here for more details.

Sonobuoy v0.53.1

This patch release includes a few bug and security fixes. No other new functionality was added.

Fix typo which broken custom registries for e2e plugin (373bdc2)

It would be looking in /tmp/sonobuoy/configs/... for the file but it should have been config without an s.

Updates various references for security reasons (584a3e0)

There were 3 separate CVEs that were reported to us as a result of different dependencies. By updating these we resolved the vulnerabilities. The CVEs were from client-go,, jwt-go, and protobuf.

Fix broken link after plugins moved (bb9776e)

We moved all our example plugins into the separate repository and had failed to update the links in our documentation.

Warn if kubernetes-version and set with conflicting flags (7b2fe4d)

If kubernetes-version and kube-conformance-image[-version] are both set then some unexpected results can occur. This mitigates the problem by providing a warning of that fact.

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* NOTE *

This version of Sonobuoy was impacted by #1388 and as a result we decided to push a new point release. Users interested in certified-conformance mode should use a newer version and/or see here for more details.

Sonobuoy v0.53.0

This release includes numerous small improvements and two experimental features which we expect to become default behavior in the future: better progress reporting when --wait is used and plugin management.

Plugin Management (9539f16)

All users can take advantage of new commands to help manage your plugins. This helps keep track of plugins so that you can save them from URLs/files and invoke them more easily from any other directory. See sonobuoy plugins for commands to install, uninstall, list, and show plugins.

In the future, Sonobuoy will look for installed plugins before looking in the present working directory. If you would like to enable this behavior now, set the environment variable SONOBUOY_ALL_FEATURES=true or SONOBUOY_PLUGIN_INSTALLATION=true.

Progress Messages (eeff4bf)

Currently, when you invoke sonobuoy run --wait or sonobuoy delete --wait the default --output-mode is silent. The only alternative, until now, has been a spinner to ensure CI and end-users don't think Sonobuoy has frozen.

However, we often have more information that would be useful for a user to know about the progress made. As a result, we've added a new option --wait-output=progress which will output more valuable information.

This may become the default in the future but to enable it now you can either specify it manually with --wait-output=progress or with SONOBUOY_ALL_FEATURES=true.

Minor Changes

Sonobuoy Retrieve (8cf38a5)

Adds a new flag --filename -f to specify the exact name of the tarball once it has been downloaded. This may ease the burden when writing scripts.

Custom Log Levels (69cdfc5)

We've added a --level flag for custom log levels so you can get more/less output based on your needs.

New Fields For Plugin Definitions

Added source-url and description fields so that a plugin can be more self-documenting. This will be of great use when plugins can be installed/organized more easily.

ImagePullPolicy Change (60adfff)

If you specify the --image-pull-policy flag, it will now be applied to all plugins, not just the built in e2e and systemd-logs plugins. The reasoning is that we would like to make custom plugins and built-in plugins have as much parity as possible.

Other changes since the last release

3e8f806 Bump version
0bc9e58 pkg/client/results: fix dropped test error
0a59430 Update site docs
cc3607c Tweak CLI language
9539f16 Loads plugins from installation directory if feature enabled
5d53c20 pkg/plugin/driver/utils: fix multiple imports
dedbbcd Update button to edit docs and report issues
f9f2b4e Adds plugin installation functionality
a63033a add GcEtcdRegistry to GetDefaultImageRegistries for API server aggregator test
b5dfc48 pkg/tarball: fix dropped test error
a573937 Add new fields to plugin manifests
68f4b32 Blog update regarding quick mode
ee7227f Blog describing Kubernetes suite
1b626d7 Update more e2e flags to use transforms and remove special logic
0ae0a6f Use transform to rewire the ssh key logic
5f6c8b5 Add configurable log levels for logrus
c5063fb Add generic plugin transformations and use for kube-repo-list
ac68f65 Default to assuming the conformance image can support progress
d5c90a2 Rework the gen plugin commands in order to reuse more code
d97f12f Wire e2e focus/skip/mode/parallel into existing env structure
9f293f2 Fix a unit test by avoiding local kubeconfig
564f622 Simplify the way mode and plugin selection is processed
7af6504 Simplify config handling
709de5b Adds extra gen tests
8e47c2a Default config.New to not provide UUID
9ffa8d7 Update github actions workflows to show history
dc4be9c Add more descriptive status output
c738d7c Run integration tests in parallel
576dcdb Add convenience function for updating goldenfiles
4c029aa Fix version resolution during image pulling
3889bbd Add sleep after systemd-logs again
cf5bbd4 Prevent logs -f from repeating
d0258d6 Add K8sOnWindows alternative to Azure

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This release comes on the heels of our v0.51.0 but includes an incredibly some incredibly useful improvements for custom plugins: variable image names and ConfigMap embedding.

We made these changes to better fulfill our goal of running the Kubernetes E2E tests on Windows as easily as possible. Our new windows-e2e plugins make use of both of these features.

ConfigMaps Embedded in Your Plugin (d2e9dfe)

Plugins can now specify ConfigMap data directly in the plugin specification file itself. The new config-map field is an optional, sibling field to the sonobuoy-config and spec fields. Sonobuoy will automatically generate a ConfigMap with that data and mount it as a volume on your plugin so it can consume the data. This allows you to more easily bundle and share your plugin configuration with others.

Variable-based Plugin Images (eed1cd7)

This feature allows plugins to base their plugin image on the version of Kubernetes detected in their cluster. This behavior was previously reserved for our custom e2e plugin, but has been generalized for other plugins. Simply use $SONOBUOY_K8S_VERSION in the image name to make use of it.

It is also available automatically as an environment variable (by the same name) in your plugin.

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Major changes

Windows support af895d7 63d1573 fcc107c

The largest announcement of this release is that Sonobuoy will now build/publish images for Windows nodes. This means that plugins can be easily written for and run on Windows nodes. Various other changes this release were motivated by this change to work towards making the Windows experience as positive as possible. Check out our blog on more regarding Windows support.

Other Improvements

0586df2 Improve retrieve command with extraction option

sonobuoy retrieve now has an --extract flag which will download then extract the tarball in the specified directory (defaults to the present working directory).

9b9e6e8 Add support for testing against the most recent dev E2E image

This helps simplify the workflow if you find yourself actively working on the tip of Kubernetes. Test against the master branch of k8s by specifying the --kube-conformance-image-version=latest. It does use a version that is built periodically and may lag what you see in github but minutes/hours.

649cfac E2E Image ignores metadata and provider build info

This should make things work more seamlessly when you use clusters created by cloud providers which may add their own metadata onto the build information (e.g. Now we'll just ignore all the metadata and assume you want to test with the upstream version provided.

d7d930c Extend default timeout

The amount of time Sonobuoy waits for the plugins to report is always customizable with the --timeout flag, but we extended the default timeout from 3 to 6 hours in order to avoid timeouts potentially caused by running on Windows clusters where pods take longer to startup/shutdown.

2c86eb1 Add node selector option when generating plugin spec

Adds a new flag: sonobuoy gen plugin --node-selector foo=bar to facilitate creating windows plugins more easily.

c96ae19 Adjust default nodeSelector behavior

Along with the above change, by not specifying a nodeSelector Sonobuoy will assume you want to target Linux nodes. This, in most cases, avoids an issue where you have a Windows node in a cluster and it causes your (Linux) plugin to accidently run on that node and fail.

Bug fixes

04acfcb Avoid infinite loop when a following logs

And other misc. fixes in the documentation such as spelling, tweaks for clarity, and fixing broken links.

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Sonobuoy v0.50.0

New version

This release introduce support for distroless images for Sonobuoy. The release also resetting its release version by increasing the release number to v0.50.

Read more here

Documentation update

Part of this release includes migrating the content generator, for the Sonobuoy site, to use the Hugo content server. This should make content management and generation faster and easier.

New Reliability Scanner plugin blog

The realibility scanner was announced earlier this year. It is a Sonobuoy plugin that allows cluster operators to configure a set of reliability checks to be executed against a cluster. You can find a write up here.


d9ec0c1 v0.50 release (#1221)
da8d5d3 Reliability-As-Code blogpost (#1217)
d9e7485 Update to policy text in (#1214)
0d4ff32 Finish contributors migration to Hugo
c5c3695 Major website overhaul - moving to Hugo (#1220)
4daa503 Merge pull request #1205 from wilsonehusin/distroless
3aeb730 Add x509ignoreCN and CGO_ENABLED=0 for integration tests
cccc0b0 Update contributors section (#1208)
e4b694c Extend stale markers
13c2ffc Circle CI tests migration to GitHub Actions (#1204)