Powerful, flexible, intuitive and most importantly simple. That is what a real automation solution should be. No matter how complicated the task is, we'd like to turn it into a single click. Is that possible? Not without webcommander :)
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Video Tutorials

  1. How to execute an individual command http://youtu.be/CREkoloCOmk
  2. Workflow basics http://youtu.be/ZJtU36kM2YY
  3. Workflow variable http://youtu.be/i6z_HKgeiqY
  4. Workflow template http://youtu.be/adXa6AHJaB8
  5. Run workflow as command http://youtu.be/DAm70VO62VY
  6. Save workflow on server http://youtu.be/_aEZhzk_Q2Y


!!! PLEASE NOTE THAT ADVANCED INFORMATIONS ARE PROVIDED IN WIKI !!! https://github.com/vmware/webcommander/wiki

WebCommander wraps scripts into web services so that those scripts could be easily consumed by remote users or other programs. Each script becomes a command that could be triggered by HTTP request. The command output is XML with browser side transforming (XSLT) which is friendly to both programs and human users at the same time.

If you prefer JSON instead of XML, please check out http://github.com/9whirls/webCommander_walnut. WebCommander also provides 2 methods (workflow and poker) to run multiple commands together to fulfill more complex automation tasks.

WebCommander currently supports Powershell, Perl, Python and Ruby scripts. The built-in Powershell scripts are mainly for automating VMware vSphere and Horizon View. As for Perl, Python and Ruby, only 1 example script is provided respectively to illustrate how to add users' own scripts into WebCommander.


To install and config WebCommander, simply download the Powershell script below. https://github.com/vmware/webcommander/blob/master/powershell/Install/setup.ps1 Then run it on a Windows 2012 or 2008 server where Powershell 4.0 has already been installed. Please note that this script also supports upgrading WebCommander with new source codes. A more detailed guide for manual install and configuration is provided in wiki https://github.com/vmware/webcommander/wiki/Installation-and-configuration-guide


If you want to contribute code or get any idea to improve WebCommander, Please contact Jian Liu (Skype: whirls9@hotmail.com).