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Integrate ImageProcessor into Episerver and use it in your views with a fluent API
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This package will install the following ImageProcessor extensions:

  • IImageService implementation to read images from Episerver
  • IImageCache implementation that caches images in the configured Episerver Blob storage (the cache is self healing and cleaning)
  • ImageProcessingModule to render processed images in edit mode.

And on top of that you also get a, strongly typed, fluent API to use in your views


Render Image in Markup

Most convenient way to render image in markup would be use HtmlHelper extension method:

@using ImageProcessor.Web.Episerver

<img src="@Html.ProcessImage(Model.CurrentPage.MainImage).Resize(100,100)" />

This will make sure that markup for visitors would be (assuming that image is png):

<img src="/.../image.png?width=100&height=100">

And in edit mode it would generate something like this:

<img src="/.../image.png,,{CONTENT-ID}?epieditmode=False&width=100&height=100">

ProcessImage returns back UrlBuilder type, so you can fluently chain any additional paramters if needed:

<img src="@Html.ProcessImage(Model.CurrentPage.MainImage).Resize(100, 150).BackgroundColor("red)" />

Alternatively you could supply the image with all the parameters in the HTML:

<img src="@Url.ContentUrl(Model.Image)?width=75" />

See for all options

Picture Helper

This package also include an Html helper that renders a Picture element that let's you have responsive, optimized, and lazy loaded images.

Example usage

@Html.Picture(Model.Image, ImageTypes.Teaser)

@* Url (string) as input + render for progressive lazy loading *@
@Html.Picture(Url.ContentUrl(Model.Image), ImageTypes.Teaser, lazyLoadType: LazyLoadType.Progressive)

@* Picture helper can be used together with the ProcessImage helper *@
@Html.Picture(Html.ProcessImage(Model.Image).ReplaceColor("fff", "f00", 99).Watermark("Episerver", new Point(100, 100), "fff"), ImageTypes.Teaser)


  • imageReference (ContentReference)
    imageUrl (string or UrlBuilder)

  • imageType (ImageProcessor.Web.Episerver.ImageType)
    An "Image type" defines the possible sizes and quality for an image.
    Example of how to define image types
  • cssClass (string)
    Will be added to the rendered img element.
  • layzLoadType (ImageProcessor.Web.Episerver.LazyLoadType)
    When lazy load type is "Regular", the srcset attribute of the source element (inside the rendered picture element) will be empty, and an additional attribute (data-srcset) will be added that contains the image url(s). That enables you to lazy load the image after the rest of your page content is loaded.
    When lazy load type is "Progressive", the srcset attribute will contain image url(s) for a low quality version of the image, and makes it possible to lazy load the high quality image.
    Javascript example of how to lazy load the images
  • altText (string)
    Will be added to the rendered img element.
    See also how to get alt text from the image.

The picture helper is described in more detail here.

Custom rendering of a picture element

If you can't use the Picture html helper, for instance when rendering the markup client side in a React app, you can still use PictureUtils to get the data needed to render a picture element.

PictureUtils.GetPictureData(myImageRef, ImageTypes.Teaser)

GetPictureData returns a PictureData object that contains all the data needed for rendering a picture element.
GetPictureData parameters are similar to the parameters for the Picture html helper.

Change log

To get a more exact overview of the changes, you can also take a look at the commit history.


  • References new ImageProcessor packages
  • Updated Microsoft.Data.OData (security alert) in Azure package (5.3.1) and sample site
  • Fixed a bug in Azure package (5.3.2) when running multi-site environment and site-specific assets


  • New package: ImageProcessor.Web.Episerver.UI.Crop. Based on
  • Added back CropRatio (version 5.3)
  • Renamed ImageProcessor.Web.Episerver.UI to ImageProcessor.Web.Episerver.UI.Blocks.
  • Added CropProcessImageBlock to ImageProcessor.Web.Episerver.UI.Blocks. Blocks package now has a dependency on Crop package.
  • See the blogpost on World for more information


  • Basic focal point support in Picture helper
  • Possible to set alt text for the generated img element inside the picture element.
  • Possible to get Picture data with content reference instead of string/urlbuilder (same applies to Picture helper)
  • Change of "ImageProcessorDebug" appsetting to "IPE_ShowInfo"
  • Update several NuGet packages to resolve security alerts


  • Fix progressive lazyload webp bug


  • Fix regression of bug with UNC Path


  • New add-on: ImageProcessor.Web.Episerver.UI. See the blogpost on World
  • Minor Picture helper improvements


  • Minor Picture helper improvements
  • Fixed (hopefully!) working with CDN/DXC-S


  • UNC path support is back!


  • New major version number because of breaking change in lazy loading functionality for the Picture element


  • Don't stream blobs directly anymore.
  • Works with private containers now (DXC Service)! Now uses Shared Access Signature for downloading from blob storage.





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