Eclipse installation files and preference settings to have an improve Eclipse experience
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Improved settings and code templates for Eclipse

This project provides a set of plug-ins which:

  • Registers several default file endings in the Eclipse text editor, because opening the system editor is typically not the desired behavior
  • Adds more JDT templates for JFace, Android and Java programmer
  • Configures the preferences at startup of Eclipse to defaults we think have proven to be reasonable
  • Disable the p2 automatic update action as this delays the startup of the Eclipse IDE by 500ms (


You can find the homepage at The source is free available under the EPL at:


The p2 update site is hosted at bintray under

Use the Eclipse Help -> Install new Software to install the tools from it: 

alt tag alt tag

Building saneclipse

Use Maven to build saneclipse

mvn clean verify

The p2 update site can be found in GIT_REPO/com.vogella.saneclipse/com.vogella.saneclipse.repository/target/repository/