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Browser-based 3D hexagonal tile editor built with Three.js
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Browser-based 3D hexagonal tile editor built with Three.js


Entirely front end. Open index.html in your browser and off you go! Scene saves are made to localStorage with javascript.

You can try it out at


###Camera Controls

Move: W, A, S, D to move camera. R, F to move raise and lower.

Rotate: Use the up, down, left, right arrows to rotate camera.

Zoom: Scroll to zoom in and out.


Add Hexagon: Click on the scene to add a hexagon in that location.

Remove Hexagon: Click the negative hexagon button, and click on a hexagon to remove that hexagon from the scene.

Color: Select the color for new hexagons.

Save, Load, New: Save, load, or create a new scene.

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