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TRS-80 Emulator for Windows

This emulator is SDLTRS with some improvements.


Load a BAS or CAS directly

  • load basic (type BASIC)
  • Press F2
  • select BAS or CAS file
  • RUN

Paste BASIC text file

  • load basic (BASIC)
  • from another window, select BASIC text and "copy" to clipboard
  • on TRS-80 paste (eg CTRL-V)
  • RUN

Building on Windows

The project compiles with MSVC 2015 Community edition (which is free).

Load the solution src/win32/sdltrs/sdltrs.sln


cd bin
getd (optionally copy here the debug binary, after building)


IMPORTANT!!! Version 1.1 and newer of sdltrs use a changed Disk Drive Numbering that starts With 0, not 1 as version 1.0 and earlier used. Those releases of the emulator numbered floppy drives from 1-8 and hard drives from 1-4. However, TRS80 drives started numbering at 0, so this was very confusing for users. This has been changed in the newer releases. However, note that configurtaion files and command line options will need to be changed by users to account for the numbering change in -disk and -hard options.

The first thing you will need is to obtain ROM files for the TRS80. These are not included with the emulator:

*	ROM images for Model I/III/4 are available elsewhere on the Web. 
    I do not know the copyright status of these ROM images, and 
    I have no connection with the sites that offer them. Some MS-DOS 
    based TRS-80 emulators ( come 
    with Model I and Model III/4 ROM image files. These files will 
    work in sdltrs too. 
*	Alternatively, for Model III or Model 4 emulation, sdltrs can use a 
    MODELA/III file as its ROM image. This is not identical to a real 
    Model III/4 ROM, but is close enough that almost 100% of TRS-80
    programs will work with it. The LS-DOS 6.3.1H operating system 
    disk that Tim Mann distributes (
    includes a MODELA/III file.  You can boot this operating system using 
    sdltrs's Model 4P emulation and export the file for use in Model III 
    and 4 emulation, or for convenience, download the MODELA/III file 
    directly here:
*	For Model 4P emulation, you can use Pete Cervasio's free minimal 
    Model 4P boot ROM, now supplied with sdltrs; however, the free ROM can 
    boot only Model 4 operating systems (not Model III), and only from 
    floppy disks. The original Model 4P boot ROM is copyrighted software, 
    but if you own a Model 4P, you can copy its boot ROM onto a floppy for 
    personal use using the instructions and tools in this article, 
    originally published in the Misosys Quarterly 1.2: You can also buy 
    Frank Durda IV's improved Model 4P ROMs from M. A. D. Software:

Once you have these files, you can place them in the same directory as the emulator program (sdltrs) or you can place them anywhere you like on your disk as well. Then within the sdltrs program, you need point the emulator to the ROM files (F7 enters the Text GUI on Windows or Linux, Cmd-, enters Preferences on the Mac -- The html docs have descriptions of both GUI's and how to set the ROM locations).

If you enjoy SDLTRS, and would like to donate to the development, go to:

Have retro fun!!!!!!

Mark Grebe