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Telepresence Deploy XML APP

Simple app to deploy packages to Cisco Telepresence apps. Branding for CE9.2.1+ and backup bundles for CE9.3+ devices is supported. Backup bundles is a new features for CE9.3+ firmware.

Currently capable of deploying:

  • Custom Branding with little fuss. Checks the endpoint if its branding capable via firmware version. Takes care of reading CSV files for endpoints and also base64 encoding of image files.
  • Using the branding option the script will check your endpoint version and deploy branding to endpoints capable or wallpaper for non-branding capable devices. SX10 check is supported. SX10 has no branding option even if Firmware is CE9.3.
  • Deploy wallpaper images (also disables branding)to all your endpoints instead of using the branding option.
  • Backup bundle to multiple endpoints. Will create the backup bundle checksum for deployment and acts as http server for package delivery.

Getting Started

The following applications and hardware are required:

  • Cisco Video endpoint
  • Nodejs
  • CSV file with IP addresses for endpoints placed in the Endpoint directory
  • Image files to be deployed placed in branding and wallpaper directories
    • Branding image 272x272 preferred
    • Background Image 1920x1080 preferred
  • Backup bundle created using CE9.3 device


Configuration required:

  • Video endpoint


Via Git

mkdir myproj
cd myproj
git clone
npm install

Set the following environment variables in a .env file...

PORT=<desired port for http server, default is 9000 if not defined>
TPADMIN=<admin Username>
TPADMINPWD=<your password>

Running Script

To run the script use one of the following commands:

node server.js branding


node server.js bundle

To use the bundle command ensure you have created a backup bundle from your CE device and placed the zip file into:


To deploy wallpaper:

node server.js wallpaper

Ensure wallpaper image is available in ./img/wallpaper directory.

Built With

  • Nodejs


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details


  • Me