Sublime Text 2/3 plugin for opening related files (e.g. test / implementation)
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OpenRelated (Sublime Text 2/3 plugin)

A plugin for quick navigation between related files (e.g. test/implementation) in awesome text editor - Sublime Text.


Recommended way is using PackageControll package.

Or you can download the tarball and extract it to your ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages/OpenRelated.


Check out the default configuration:

Check out example project:

You can override this configuration per project :-D

["*/test/*spec.js", "*/lib/*.js", "/abc/d/*.py"]
  • when editting /some/test/a.spec.js file, it will open (if file exists) /some/lib/a.js as well as /some/abc/d/
  • when editting /other/lib/b.js, it will open /other/abc/d/ and /other/test/b.spec.js

Use back slashes on Windows

["*\\tpl\\*.html", "*\\js\\*.js"]

Defining key shortcut

By default, "open_related" is mapped to CMD+T, however you can easily change that, just add to your keymap preferences:

{ "keys": ["super+t"], "command": "open_related" }

Note, if you have multiple groups opened (split view), related file will be opened in next group.