Issue 132 - Java 7 Compilation Bug #146

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ctasada commented May 30, 2013

No idea how to link a pull request with an existing issue.

This patch solves #132

@ctasada ctasada - bumped up release version (0.96)
- updated release notes (0.96)
- Build: Parametrized Java version
- Build: Added -source parameter when compiling
- Build: Don't include dist/classes folders in the release files

The 0.96 change has already been committed, can you resubmit with just the other commits ?
Also, I dont know if removing dist/classes from the release is good. Sometimes I bundle it up as a release tar ball and then run individual classes using bin/

I'm assuming by removing the dist/classes we will lose the ability to do this ?


I removed the dist/classes basically for 2 reasons: a) because seems that was intended in the build.xml originally () and b) because from my point of view the generated code shouldn't be included in the distribution, since it's really simple to recreate it (takes like 30 seconds in my system)

I will resubmit the changes without the release notes update.

True, its easy to recreate. But I think not all production settings may have ant setup. Lemme talk to others and see if this is really needed.


Ok, I'll wait then to summit the modified patch until then.


ctasada added some commits Sep 23, 2012
@ctasada ctasada Merge remote-tracking branch 'voldemort/master'
# By Lei Gao (18) and others
# Via Chinmay Soman (4) and Lei Gao (2)
* voldemort/master: (37 commits)
  Updating release notes for 0.96 open source release
  Final review comments correction for autobootstrapper: Copyright, documentation and variable naming convention
  increased sleep time in RoutedStoreTest
  Removed unnecessary variables from AsyncMetadataVersionManager
  Bug fix in AsyncMetadataVersionManager. Client config parameters added for System store. Changed AdminClient to use a Timestamp instead of a counter for metadata version
  Modified behavior of getall to comply javadoc when key does not exist in store
  Updating release version to 0.96 in
  Bug fix: initializing system store client in AdminClient during every operation to account for cluster.xml changes
  Added a instantInit flag to LazyClientStore, removed DefaultSocketStoreClientTest, returning DefaultStoreClient for Http protocol
  Code cleanup, bug fixes for system stores and auto-rebootstrapper
  Added file backed storage engine. Factored out ZenStoreClient from DefaultStoreClient (with a configurable switch). Added unit tests.
  undo changes to mbean registration names - don't use client context as part of the name
  add close method for shutting down client's SchedulerService in AbstractStoreClientFactory
  avoid jmx id from being incremented when factory is created for system stores
  code clean up
  Adding tests for system stores, local pref routing and Version manager. Fixed some things in PipelineRoutedStore
  add SchedulerService in voldemort client
  allows fetch-keys to fetch keys from system stores
  resolve merge conflict in stores.xml
  merge code for automatic reboostrap
@ctasada ctasada Merge branch 'master' of a235956
@ctasada ctasada Merge remote-tracking branch 'voldemort/master' 90c0b5f
@ctasada ctasada Merge commit 'db6ac447895255c84ef0e0cbd0303ffa6b45e05b' 266221c
@ctasada ctasada Merge branch 'master' of
# By Vinoth Chandar (16) and others
# Via Siddharth Singh
* 'master' of (56 commits)
  Upgrade Google Collections lib to Guava lib
  Fixes to KeySampler/KeyVersionFetcher
  Add MANIFEST.MF to git ignore
  Small bug fixes and cleanup in R2Store
  Make sure elapsed time is not negative
  Adding a null check for the versioned value object in convertStringToObject in MetadataStore. This was causing a small problem while restarting the Voldemort server
  Fix unused variable
  cleanup on tests
  more cleanup on the test
  Cleaned up the test
  Made the getserverStateLocked explicit adding the new test case this time around
  Added new end to end test for verifying the atomic update is consistent on bootstrap cleaned up code based off last code review
  atomic update of stores and cluster xml during rebalance
  Allow update metadata to take both stores and cluster xml
  more commits on slop fix
  deprecate send hint serial
  additional slop fix
  additional logging
  added end-to-end test for slops
@ctasada ctasada Solves compilation problem with Java 7 113d234

Looks good to me.. I am going to have someone take a look as well and pull this in..

@zhongjiewu zhongjiewu merged commit 8efee8a into voldemort:master Jun 3, 2013
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