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UKI – simple UiKit for complex Web apps

Uki is a small js library that helps build complex desktop-class in a simple and conscious way. Now with nodejs support

uki({ view: 'Button', text: 'Click me', pos: 'l:10px t:10px w:100px' }).attach();
uki('Button[text^=Click]').on('click', function() { alert(this.text()); });

Goals for 0.4

  • Keep core to bare minimum. Should be under 10KB gziped. Ideally under 9216b (9KB).

  • Keep core and common view pack under 30KB gziped.

  • Use css instead of js based themes.

  • Data Model and Bindings in the core.

  • Use native browser layout instead of rect() + layout()

  • CommonJs require() instead of homegrown include()

Use serverside/clientside js together `npm install uki-pack` should work on client side without any extra configuration

  • Docs

  • Unit tests for core

  • Perf tests

Browser constrains

  • IE7+, FF3+, Safari/Chrome latest-1, Opera 10+. Yes, no IE6 any more

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