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The Rosewood Gaming Engine
For all your browser-based gaming needs, without the flash.

Open examples/bouncy_balls/play.html or one of the other examples in a browser to see Rosewood in action.

All the game logic for play.html is in game.js, check it out.

The docs folder contains at least a partial reference for the API.

The engine is in the aptly titled rosewood.js file, if you feel like tinkering.

Assuming that you have a copy of the jsdoc-toolkit located one directory up from Rosewood, you can rebuild the html documentation using ./builddoc.sh

The biggest goal of Rosewood, aside from becoming the best 2d javascript gaming engine out there, is eventual support for multiplayer features, using node.js or something of the like.

Feel free to drop me a line if you want to contribute or whatnot.