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Htmleasy is a simple, elegant HTML based MVC micro-framework that builds on Resteasy (JAX-RS).

It's now 2012! Back in 2005 the web was all about server-side state and server templating. Today's web is rapidly shifted towards a client-side focus with technologies like AJAX, JSON, PushState, REST and clean URLs. There is a need for lighter-weight server-side web frameworks that facilitate this new type of development - JSON, REST and clean HTML all working as one. Htmleasy is such a framework. It builds on the elegant annotation based JAX-RS API to provide a clearly separated model-view-controller environment without the "Web 1.0" baggage.


  • Simplicity! Easy to learn. Leverage your existing JAX-RS and REST knowledge.
  • Clear separation between paths, controllers, views and models.
  • Ability to easily unit-test controllers.
  • Fast startup time. (Ideal for Google App Engine, or your own standard container)
  • Polymorphic views - change views depending on the controller model return type.
  • Resolve paths from controller methods (type-safe and refactor-safe path references).
  • Your choice of view technology.
  • Encapsulate your HTML views and supporting JSON/REST interfaces within the same controller classes.
  • No XML configuration - 100% annotation based.
  • Use all that you find in RESTEasy - e.g. JSON, XML, choice of dependency injection frameworks, etc.

Htmleasy is best described as a simple shim or extension to JAX-RS/Resteasy, and brings JAX-RS annotations to HTML MVC. It provides simple tools for rendering data objects as HTML views and managing basic pageflow. The project also documents a number of common patterns.

As easy as...

public class Welcome {

	@GET @Path("/welcome/{name}")
	public View sayHi(@PathParm("name") String name)
		return new View("/welcome.jsp", name);


See Using Htmleasy for more >>>

Htmleasy - elegance through simplicity... maybe it's all about what it doesn't do!


A simple, elegant HTML page rendering web framework for Resteasy (JAX-RS)






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