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Billingo API Provider for Laravel

This package is a Billingo API service provider and facade for Laravel 5.1+.


You have to use Composer to install the library

composer require voov/billingo-api-laravel

Find the providers array in the config/app.php file and add the Billingo Service Provider:

'providers' => [
  // ...

Now find the aliases array in the same config file and add the Billingo Facade class:

'aliases' => [
  // ...
  'Billingo' => Billingo\API\Laravel\BillingoFacade::class


Before you can use the Billingo service provider you have configure it with your API keys. You can access your API keys here:

In the command line type the following:

php artisan vendor:publish

This command will generate a billingo.php file inside your config directory (usually config/). Enter your API creditentials here.


Get resource

// Return the list of clients
$clients = Billingo::get('clients');

// Return one client
$client = Billingo::get('clients/123456789');

Save resource

// save a new client
$clientData = [
  "name" => "Gigazoom LLC.",
  "email" => "",
  "billing_address" => [
      "street_name" => "Moulton",
      "street_type" => "Terrace",
      "house_nr" => "2797",
      "city" => "Preston",
      "postcode" => "PR1",
      "country" => "United Kingdom"
Billingo::post('clients', $clientData);

Update resource

// save client
Billingo::put('clients/123456789', $newData);

Delete resource

// delete client
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