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I don't maintain this anymore, since I don't use Linux on the desktop anymore.
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Arc Black Ubuntu

This is my attempt at making the arc-theme at bit more unity-friendly, with (in my opinon) better colors.

Theme now supports xfce, thanks to - Please open an issue, if you find some bugs.

This theme is build with GTK2 + GTK3.18 in mind, so it's for xubuntu + ubuntu unity 16.04 ONLY. - If you dont like OSX icons, you can use the orignals with theme noOSX.

Theme is a fork of - Thanks to horst3180 for his wonderful theme.

If you have more suggestions feel free to ask or make pull-requests.

You will need to install gnome-themes-standard & gtk2-engines-murrine to make sure everything works.

Changes made

  • Changed from blue to black (#2f2f2f)
  • Made text white insted of gray-ish.
  • Made default text darker, so it's easier to read.
  • Changed nautilus + GtkFileChooserDialog to have a less dark sidebar.
  • Made two versions, with and without OSX buttons.
  • Disabled transparency
  • Made the unity top bar the same color as other windows.
  • Deleted all non-unity stuff
  • Made menus black/white instead of white/black, which made some problems for the unity top bar - icons would not show in the correct color. - White icons on white background is ugly :)
  • Made scrollbar for terminal dark
  • Added default terminal colors, to better fit the the rest of the theme.
  • Added unity-greeter theme.
  • Added line separators for menus and nautilus sidebar.
  • Alot of other things I really can't remember.


Screenshot arc-black-ubuntu. Have since changed a little bit, to #2f2f2f insted of #282828.

Screenshot Old Unity-greeter theme for lightdm, it's black-ish now, the rest is the same

How to install theme

sudo apt install git unity-tweak-tool gnome-themes-standard gtk2-engines-murrine
git clone
cd arc-black-ubuntu
sudo cp -R arc-black-ubuntu* /usr/share/themes
- Change theme in unity-tweak-tool

How to update theme.

Since I quite frequenly (at least for now) is fixing some small bugs and adding more tweaks, you should probably check for updates, once in a while.

cd arc-black-ubuntu
git pull
## If there is no changes, there is no need paste/write the last 2 lines.
sudo rm -rf /usr/share/themes/arc-black-ubuntu*
sudo cp -R arc-black-ubuntu* /usr/share/themes

How to change unity-greeter theme:

sudo cp -R arc-black-ubuntu/extra/unity-greeter/10_unity-greeter.gschema.override /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/
sudo glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/

Icon theme

This is very EARLY development, so please be gentle. It's right here:


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