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Inspect HTTP requests. Powered by Phoenix and LiveView.

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A note on request headers

At the moment Lasso will display all headers it sees in the request, including ones added by things unrelated to the client making the request (such as load balancers, router etc that are infront of the deployed instance). This can be a bit confusing and something that I'd like to improve.

Start locally

  • mix deps.get
  • cd assets && npm install && cd ..
  • APP_HOST=localhost iex -S mix phx.server
  • Go to localhost:4000 in your browser

Admin area

There's a Phoenix Live Dashboard available on /admin. This page is protected by basic auth, the credentials can be configured in config.exs. By default the password is read from the environment variable ADMIN_PASSWORD.

Building a release

Yay for releases in Elixir 1.9. Phoenix has some additional docs for being deployed in a release.

mix deps.get --only prod
mix compile
npm run deploy --prefix ./assets
mix phx.digest
export SECRET_KEY_BASE=...
MIX_ENV=prod APP_NAME=lasso MIX_ENV=prod SECRET_SALT=... mix release
_build/prod/rel/lasso/bin/lasso start