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Prototype JavaScript apps in the browser with ES2015's latest features and importing modules directly from NPM.

How it works?

  • The code gets transpiled by latest standalone version of Babel.js with stage-0, es2015 and react presets enabled
  • Browserify-CDN is responsible for importing npm modules and browserifying them on the fly
  • Github Gists are used for saving and sharing code sketches

Under the hood it's pure client-side application which is hosted on GitHub pages and is built upon React.js.


Explore latest JavaScript features with the help of several useful npm modules and when you're ready just save the result and share the link with your team mates or community.


  1. ESNextbin interface consists of 2 main sections - "Editor" on the left side and "HTML Preview" on the right side
  2. There are 3 editor tabs - "Code" (for Javascript), "HTML" (for html layout) and "Package" (package.json that gets updated automatically when you're executing the code which imports library from npm). Switch editors to manage specific part of your program
  3. Write program in "Code" tab and after you are ready hit ▶ Run Code button to see the result
  4. If you have HTML layout or you're manipulating the DOM in your code you'll see the result in "HTML Preview".
  5. But all logging, errors and warnings that appear in runtime could be seen ONLY in your browser's console (maybe it's necessary to add "Console" tab?)
  6. Actions menu provides:
    • saving your code as public and private gists which can be easily shared by copy/pasting link that contains gist id as query param, e.g.<ID> (please notice that these actions require GitHub account authorization)
    • "Enable/Disable Autorun" toggles autorunning feature (when it's enabled, the code will be executed after 1s every time when you stop typing without pressing ▶ Run Code button)
    • "Clean session" resets all editors and unauthorizes your GitHub account (if it was connected)
  7. "Editor" section uses default Ace shortcuts
  8. There are additional shorcuts as well:
    • Cmd/Ctrl + S - hotkeys for save your code as public gist action
    • Cmd/Ctrl + E - hotkeys for ▶ Run Code button
    • Ctrl + Alt + F - hotkeys for Run Prettier button


There are several examples for you to play with:


Please suggest what can be improved, report a bug or ask for a missed features while raising an issue.


Clone this repo and run these commands inside it:

npm i
npm run dev
# visit http://localhost:9292/index-dev.html


Inspired by awesomeness of Babel.js REPL and Requirebin.


Buy Me A Coffee

MIT Licensed


🍱 Prototype apps in the browser with next generation JavaScript and NPM modules



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