↔️ Swipe.js as a React component
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Brad Birdsall's Swipe.js as a React component.


Check out the demo from a mobile device (real or emulated).


npm install react swipe-js-iso react-swipe --save



import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import ReactSwipe from 'react-swipe';

const Carousel = () => {
  let reactSwipeEl;

  return (
        swipeOptions={{ continuous: false }}
        ref={el => (reactSwipeEl = el)}
        <div>PANE 1</div>
        <div>PANE 2</div>
        <div>PANE 3</div>
      <button onClick={() => reactSwipeEl.next()}>Next</button>
      <button onClick={() => reactSwipeEl.prev()}>Previous</button>

ReactDOM.render(<Carousel />, document.getElementById('app'));


  • swipeOptions: ?Object - supports all original options from Swipe.js config. If passed object differs from the previous one react-swipe will re-initiate underlying Swipe.js instance with fresh options

  • style: ?Object - object with 3 keys (see defaults):

    • container: ?Object
    • wrapper: ?Object
    • child: ?Object
  • regular props as className, id for root component are also supported

  • childCount: ?Number - use it to explicitely tell react-swipe that it needs to re-initiate underlying Swipe.js instance. For example, by setting the childCount prop to the length of the images array that you pass into react-swipe, re-rendering will take place when the images.length differs from the previous render pass:

<ReactSwipe childCount={images.length}>{images}</ReactSwipe>


Component proxies all Swipe.js instance methods.


Configure the ReactSwipe component in a sandbox environment at CodeSandbox.

MIT Licensed