Cyclist datafiled for Garmin Connect IQ store. Fenix 3 and D2 Bravo watches supported.
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Any feedback, questions and answers please post on the corresponding forum thread (Garmin users are by default a Garmin Forum user): Developers have no access to provide response for Ratings and Reviews on Garmin App store.


CyclistChartsField Data Filed for Garmin Connect IQ store. This is a free complex Data Field for the Fenix 3 watch that shows multiple values and two charts on a single field. CyclistChartsField is open source, its code can be found at github:

The Data Field is based on two other Data Fields. Special thanks for developers of the following ConnectIQ projects:

Release versions are published in the Garmin App Store



  • Speed: speed in km/h or mi/h based on system settings;
  • Average speed: average speed over the whole activity;
  • Cadence: your current cadence with a chart on the background (last minute data);
  • HR: your current heart rate with a chart on the background (last minute data);
  • Distance: elapsed distance in km or miles based on system settings;
  • Timer: duration of the activity in [hh:]mm:ss;
  • GPS: GPS status - antenna bar;
  • Battery: visualization of battery percentage as indicator bar;
  • Time of the day;
  • Unit settings applied only before starting the activity. During activity settings won't apply.


Installation Instructions

A Data Field needs to be set up within the settings for a given activity (like Bike)

  • Long Press UP
  • Settings
  • Apps
  • Bike
  • Data Screens
  • Screen N
  • Layout
  • Select single field
  • Field 1
  • Select ConnectIQ Fields
  • Select CyclistChartsField
  • Long Press DOWN to go back to watch face FAQ: How to add custom data field to app in fenix 3?



Start Bike activity. You should see the CyclistChartsField Data Field.


Changelog 2.0.1 11/02/2016

  • Configurable implementation. Two fields are now configurable: bottom: distance, elevation, average HR, average PWR, calories upper right: distance + elevation chart, elevation chart, average HR chart, average PWR chart

Changelog 1.1.1

Changelog 1.1.0

  • Support for 12/24h time format added based on system settings;
  • Gps signal changed from text to antenna bar;
  • Both km and mi unit settings are now supported based on system settings;

Changelog 1.0.0b

  • Initial commit