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A lightweight software library and selftest application for the arm-bmw development board.

Git: git clone

Git: git clone

Self-test Application

The self-test application provides a basic CLI over the UART with hardware unit tests and utility programs. The UART is configured for 115200 8N1, and the CLI may be accessed with your favorite serial port program.

The hardware unit tests include UART, SPI, I2C, SPI Flash, I/O Expander, and UI tests. These tests combine loopbacks and interactive verification to verify the correct operation of the hardware. See the tests in the apps/selftest/tests folder for more information.

A passing test log can be found in arm-bmw-selftest.log.

File Structure

  • This README
  • Makefile Makefile
  • LICENSE MIT License
  • lpc1114.dld LPC1114 linker script
  • openocd/ OpenOCD flash and debug scripts
  • src/ Library sources
    • system/ Startup files
      • cmsis/ CMSIS header files
      • lpc11xx/ LPC11xx header files
      • startup.c Interrupt vector table and reset handler
      • tick.c, tick.h SysTick handler and delay_ms() helper
    • io/ peripheral I/O drivers
      • uart.c, uart.h Polling UART driver
      • spi.c, spi.h Polling SPI driver
      • adc.c, adc.h Polling ADC driver
      • i2c.c, i2c.h Interrupt-driven I2C driver
      • queue.c, queue.h Queue data structure for I2C driver
      • i2c_reg.c, i2c_reg.h I2C register read/write wrappers for I2C driver
    • driver/ Chip Drivers
      • mcp23008.c, mcp23008.h I/O Expander driver
      • sf.c, sf.h SPI Flash driver
    • debug.c, debug.h Debug printf function
    • test.h Assertion framework/macros for testing
    • bmw_ui.c, bmw_ui.h Wrapper for BMW's User Interface (LEDs and buttons)
    • ucli.c, ucli.h µCLI Shell
    • urpc.c, urpc.h µRPC Server
  • pybmw/ Python µRPC client
    • µRPC client
  • app/ Applications sources
    • selftest Self-test application
    • main.c Self-test main
    • cli_programs.c Self-test CLI handlers
    • rpc_handlers.c Self-test RPC handlers
    • tests/ Self-test tests
      • tests.h Test prototypes
      • test_uart.c UART test
      • test_spi.c SPI test
      • test_spi_flash.c SPI Flash Memory test
      • test_i2c.c I2C test
      • test_mcp23008.c I/O Expander test
      • test_bmw_ui.c BMW User Interface test

Building, Flashing, Debugging

The Makefile builds the sources in src/ into a static library, and with it, an application in app/ into a program file. The application to build from app/ is specified with the APP environment variable. If APP is not specified, the application defaults to selftest.

The GNU arm-none-eabi cross-compiler prefix is specified with the CROSS environment variable. If CROSS is not defined, the compiler prefix defaults to arm-none-eabi-.

For example, to build the selftest application, run:

make APP=selftest all

This will produce the program files arm-bmw-selftest.elf,hex,bin and the memory map obj/, among other build products.

The available Makefile targets are:

  • make APP=<app> all Build the static library, and with it, the application
  • make APP=<app> clean Clean the build products and build directory
  • make APP=<app> stat Dump program symbols and section sizes
  • make APP=<app> flash Flash the program file over JTAG with OpenOCD
  • make APP=<app> flashisp Flash the program file over UART with lpc21isp
  • make APP=<app> debug Flash the program file over JTAG with OpenOCD and halt the target for debugging
  • make APP=<app> gdb Launch gdb and connect to OpenOCD's gdbserver for debugging

Flashing over JTAG with OpenOCD

make APP=selftest flash

Flashing with OpenOCD requires an SWD-capable JTAG dongle, like the ST-LINK/V2.

Flashing over UART with lpc21isp

make APP=selftest flashisp

Flashing with lpc21isp requires a serial port cable connected to the arm-bmw UART header. Be sure to reset the arm-bmw board with the bootloader header jumpered before flashing, to start the microcontroller into its on-chip ROM bootloader.

Note: the LPC21ISP_SERIAL_PATH variable may need to be updated with the correct serial port device path in the Makefile.

Debugging with GDB

The debug target uses OpenOCD to flash the program, halt the target, and launch OpenOCD's gdbserver. Debugging the arm-bmw with OpenOCD requires an SWD-capable JTAG dongle, like the ST-LINK/V2.

make APP=selftest debug

While OpenOCD is running from the command above, launch gdb with:

make APP=selftest gdb

GDB will connect to OpenOCD's gdbserver and allow you to interactively debug the target.


More comprehensive library documentation is in progress. Please examine the selftest code in apps/selftest and the library header files for now.


arm-bmw-sw is MIT licensed. See the included LICENSE file.