A terminal emulator for the 21st century.
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What Is It?

Black Screen is an IDE in the world of terminals. Strictly speaking, it's both a terminal emulator and an interactive shell based on Electron. Also, unlike most of the emulators you can meet nowadays it uses HTML and CSS for its UI (exactly as Atom does), which means we can stop misusing unicode characters and make a better looking terminal with appropriate tools.


Black Screen shows the autocompletion box as you type and tries to be smart about what to suggest. Often you can find useful additional information on the right side of the autocompletion, e.g. expanded alias value, history substitutions for !!, command descriptions, value of the previous directory (cd -), etc.


We aim to be compatible at least with VT100. All the programs (emacs, ssh, vim) should work as expected.


brew cask install black-screen

Linux and Windows builds will be available after 1.0.0 release. Currently only OS X is supported to speed up the development process.


More Screenshots

Development Setup

git clone https://github.com/shockone/black-screen.git && cd black-screen
npm start

To create a standalone application, execute npm run pack in the project directory.


See Contributing Guide.


The MIT License.