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A shell is a text-based terminal, used for manipulating programs and files. Shell scripts typically manage program execution.

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onehungrygeek commented Jan 6, 2019

Thanks a ton for any helpful feedback

I need help with getting best quality GIFs.

I am not used to CSS syntax so it would be amazing if you add a lot of example config.yml files. Also, try adding config.yml files for the GIFs you are displaying in your They look fantastic. I have spent hours trying to get perfect GIF but no luck.

I don't know what value to give for shadow

JosephTLyons commented Oct 17, 2020

Describe the bug
I was opening the main .toml file in the project root when I discovered this. Using the command:

open Cargo.toml | get bin | get required-features, produces both an output table, and an error:

> open Cargo.toml | get bin | get required-features
  0 │ textview   
  1 │ inc        
  2 │ ps         
  3 │ sys        
  4 │ fetch     
Stratus3D commented Feb 10, 2019

Steps to reproduce

Run asdf. In help output a line is printed for the asdf env command:

asdf env <command> [executable]      Prints or runs an executable under a command environment

I would assume <command> is an arbitrary command. But from what I can tell needs to be a plugin name or a shim name? I'm also not sure how this differs from executing the shim directly.


Created by Glenda Schroeder

Released 1965


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