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Devil's Queer House (1994-1996)

Devil's Queer House - Youtube Video


First prototype

I started programming this platformer game in 1994 using the awfully slow AmigaBasic interpreter. The first version consisted of a huge animated background image with 2 frames. In order to achieve 15fps, I had to limit the window-size to some 200x120 pixels and to use the blitter HW support to copy the window content from the off-screen buffer to the visible window. Using a double buffering technique, I was able to smoothly follow the main character as he walked in front of the background image. However, only one visible monster was supported at a time.

Version v1.0 for Amiga 500

Later, after I lost half of the project's data due to an invalid floppy, I decided to completely rewrite the code. I also changed the approach how levels were created. Instead of drawing a complete background image, I used a single image as an archive of patterns. Using the level editor, the patterns would be mixed to form the level graphics. Every level consists of 10 screens linked together in an arbitrary way. The engine supports multiple animated monsters to be visible simultaneously on a single screen. A screen might also contain teleports, locked doors and traps. Again, I continued developing the game in AmigaBasic and later, in 1995, switched to GFA-Basic which significantly improved the speed of development as well as the game.

The Amiga version of Devil's Queer House was finished in 1996 with 7 levels and no final boss.


  • the game contains 14 animated characters + the main character called "Palko"
  • contains a level editor (written in AmigaBasic:
  • 8 colors that together with a dithering technique give a feeling of some 36 colors
  • all the graphics was created in '''Deluxe Paint IV'''
  • the game runs on 7Mhz Amiga 500 with 1MB of memory (CHIP RAM)

Level 1 - Gandma's House

Level 2 - Secret Underground

Level 3 - Factory

Level 4 - Mines

Level 5 - Castle

Level 6 - Garden

Level 7 - Robots