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Speedbag 4

A grunt coffee/less/live-reload/cssmin/uglify/connect/angular/bootstrap/jquery/underscore boilerplate.

Requires node and grunt.


npm i -g grunt-cli releasy

cd speedbag
npm i

Have fun! Changes to your coffee, less or html files will reload the page automatically. Nice.

The compiled files can be found in the /build folder.

Distributable build (minifies, etc.)

grunt dist

The deploy-ready files can be found in the /deploy folder.



TeamCity should pick up your new tag and start a deploy. (For details, see Releasy)

Folder structure

  • src - most of your files will be here.
    • script - CoffeeScript and JS source files
    • style - CSS and LESS source files
    • templates - Knockout JS style templates examples
    • views and partials - Angular templates examples
    • i18n - Translations for usage with ng-translate
    • index.html - Your app entry point.
  • - This is the configuration file for grunt. Contains all the build tasks.
  • build - this folder will be created after you run a grunt task.

Grunt VTEX

The Speedbag Gruntfile is actually quite empty.
This is because all tasks are defined in the meta-project grunt-vtex.
If you want to contribute an improvement to a task, please do so on that repo.
Your Gruntfile should only contain customizations that are very specific to your project.

Checking dependencies

Common issues:

EADDRINUSE - Someone is already using one of the ports used by this app, either connect's 9001 or LiveReload's 35729. Shut down interfering services or change the ports on

VTEX - 2014