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this is the repository for our EMC Dotnext Team Minecraft Demo

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(Image Credit @Rick_Scherer)

Project: emcdotnext Team Minecraft + Docker + ScaleIO + REX-Ray demo.


This documentation is based on Mac OSX:
Open Terminal
Create a projects folder "mkdir projects"

Persistent Storage

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(Image Credit @Rick_Scherer)

For the persistent storage part of this demo, we will be using the EMC{CODE} Vagrant Package. You will need to install the following vagrant-triggers plugin:

vagrant plugin install vagrant-triggers

git clone
cd vagrant/scaleio vagrant up

This process will automatically deploy three CentOS 7.1 nodes, download the ScaleIO 2.0 software and install a full ScaleIO Cluster with GUI. It will also setup Docker and REX-Ray to give the containers storage persistence. Please note, more REX-Ray information can be found here:

You can find more documentation on this vagrant setup here:

Once ScaleIO is done, you can launch the GUI - projects/vagrant/scaleio/gui/ (Just use Finder on your Mac and drag the file into Terminal and hit enter) Username = admin
Password = Scaleio123


Once ScaleIO is up and running, and you've verified it with the GUI - SSH into one of the CentOS servers vagrant ssh tb (this is the tiebreaker node, you can use the mdm1 or mdm2 node if you want as well)

this will download and setup minecraft 1.10.2 and we've altered the of this game with spawn-monsters=off for demo purposes. You can edit the if you want to play the game with monsters.
We also altered level-name=../data to place the Minecraft world on a REX-Ray attached volume mount called /data

sudo docker run -p 25565:25565 --volume-driver=rexray -v minecraft-data:/data vtexan/emcdotnext-minecraft

Questions / Comments / Snide Remarks

Ask any questions, make comments, etc on the Slack Channel - post them in the EMC channel specifically



this is the repository for our EMC Dotnext Team Minecraft Demo






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