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This is an example app for demonstating how stew works. This app is a simple Plack application.

Clone the stew repository

git clone

This repository has Debian 9 binary packages. So if you are on Debian 9 you can install much faster, but don't worry, you can compile for any platform too.

See this repo's README too.

Deployment workflow

  1. Copy distribution to server

If on Debian 9 just grab stew-example-app-0125c086-linux-debian-9-x86_64.tar.gz.

If not take a look at Developer workflow section on how to build package for your distribution.

  1. Unpack distribution

    tar xzf

  2. Start application

    bin/env start

No need to install anything!

Developer workflow

  1. Bootstrap dependencies

This command will compile packages into local build/ directory. You can cache the build/.cache/dist directory for the next time.

bin/bootstrap --repo /path/to/stew-example-repo --from-source

Or if you happen to run Debian 9, you can just bootstrap from binaries, i have precompiled them for you:

bin/bootstrap --repo /path/to/stew-example-repo --os linux-debian-9

After bootstrap you can do some cleanup like removing man pages and other documentation.

  1. Pack distribution

This packed distribution will contain application, perl, some system libraries and CPAN modules.


# stew-example-app-0125c086-linux-debian-9-x86_64.tar.gz