** Updated source code will be published on Github with v0.8.2.1 Final release


MD5: f71314657796d2826d99c8c840335e1b

What's New

This release (v0.8.2.1) is mainly focus on improvement and usability of the client (UX/UI) which all will be carry over once/if our ZEC's based zero-knowledge fork is ready, superseded the current version which is mostly based on ShadowCash with our own improvements.

Bug Fixes/ Improvements in RC4

  • [WalletDB][Optimisation][Core] Store transaction list order in memory rather than compute it every need
    • Huge performance improvement (450%) for WalletDB processing.
    • Improves performance for RPC listtransactions.
    • Benchmarked with 200,000 keys (~500 MB wallet.dat)
    • **Wallet rescan time reduced approximately 20x from about 10 hours to 30 minutes.
  • [WalletDB] Added LogPrint in debug.log showing BerkeleyDB version (Using BerkeleyDB version...)
  • [UX/UI][Optimisation] Added "Display Transaction Details on Mouse Over"
    • **Disable to improve wallet performance (Default: disable)
  • [UX/UI] Added Thousand separator to Overview balance (xxx,xxx.xxx)
  • [UX/UI] Improvement of Unit format display (mVTR,...)
  • [UX/UI] Multi-select in Coincontrol Treewidget and display select (highlighted) count
  • [UX/UI] Add upload and download info to the console's peerlist
  • [UX/UI] Add toggle option to display password instead of ****
  • [UX/UI] OSX keystroke to RPCConsole info
  • [UX/UI] 'Advanced debugging'
  • [Bug] Fixing offscreen GUI issue (Fix for issues with startup and multiple monitors)
  • [Bug] Fix usage of OSX 10.8+ User Notification Center

Feedback - Suggestion

+ [UX/UI][Core][RPC] Connection Toggle (Under Tools, Help Menu and Connection Icon) --Dave T.

Instructions for RC testers:

Test items

• Rescan wallet/ Sync from Bootstraps
• All basic wallet related features (Under Wallet Menu)
• Wallet Management features for HD wallet creation/import
• Chat related features (Focus on Private only for now as Group chat is being work on)
• Wallet encryption including 2FA
• In-Client Trading (Focus on most basic functions, advance features is still being work on)
• Overall stability of the wallet
• Crashes (Runtime error on Windows)

** Please kindly feedback your suggestions or if you happen to find any bugs.

MD5 Checksum:

vTorrent_RC4_0821-Win_1803.zip - 664222ebf806c4a731ab365c3e6d4da2

vTorrent_RC4_0821-MacOS.zip - 4ae0ea476f3576e473d5445aa4ebcb8b

vTorrentd-Ubuntu-X64-Static.tar.gz - bc0537725406c59535715cfda0acef86

** Ubuntu and other requested OSes release will be added soon


@vtorrent vtorrent released this Oct 5, 2016 · 1 commit to master since this release

What's New

This release brings an update to daemon side of 2FA, as well as some other minor fixes.

-Version bumped to to indicate a new minor release
-2FA fully implemented in daemon


To Encrypt Client

“encryptwallet <passphrase> [otaenable]”

$ vTorrentd encryptwallet SuPer$tr0ngPa$$phra$E true

    "The wallet encryption succesfully changed." : "Authenticator secret: KRNEORSRKNIE2N2Y"

To Fully Unlock Client

"walletpassphrase <passphrase> <otpcode> <timeout> [stakingonly]”

$ vTorrentd walletpassphrase SuPer$tr0ngPa$$phra$E 381342 9999999 false

To Unlock Client only for Staking

"walletpassphrase <passphrase> <otpcode> <timeout> [stakingonly]”

$ vTorrentd walletpassphrase SuPer$tr0ngPa$$phra$E ANY 9999999 true

To Change Passphrase and to Enable/Disable 2FA

“walletpassphrasechange <oldpassphrase> <newpassphrase> <oldotpcode> [otaenable]”

$ vTorrentd walletpassphrasechange SuPer$tr0ngPa$$phra$E SuPer$tr0ngPa$$phra$EnEW 453609 true
    "The wallet encryption succesfully changed." : "Authenticator secret: HFIVASKHG5AUSQSG"

** 2FA Authenticator secret will be renewed every time there are changes to the client encryption.


$ vTorrentd walletpassphrase SuPer$tr0ngPa$$phra$E 112494 9999999 false
error: {"code":-14,"message":"Error: The wallet passphrase or authenticator code entered was incorrect."}

** If you are unable to unlock your client with correct passphrase, please check your time to make sure it is synced up.

Scheduled hard-fork:

-Posv2 at Block 1200000
-Posv3 at Block 1300000

Bug fixes:

-Messages crashes problems

MD5 Checksum:

vTorrent- - cb71216854d3c7e3385463f32078bff2

vTorrent- - edd9bca9c41cbcb3242e00287ccd14b3

vTorrentd- - 6518e0edcb42c7a76c4ec237af54f2e4

vTorrent-Client 0.8.1

@vtorrent vtorrent released this Aug 22, 2016 · 5 commits to master since this release

What's New

This release focused on enhancing our core client in all areas including HD wallet and implementing 2fa to ensure security of users token, along with planned hard-fork to the network in order to add features to our protocol to prepare for later development.

-Version bumped to 0.8.1 to indicate a new major release
-Bumped protocol version to 80016
-Implemented 2fa
-Added new DNS seed
-Added new Checkpoints
-Added CheckLockTimeVerify (BIP65)
-Added BIP44, BIP39, BIP32 support
-Added CLTV
-Asynchronous Indexing

Scheduled hard-fork:
-Posv2 at Block 1200000
-Posv3 at Block 1300000

Bug fixes:
-Fixed validateaddress stealth addresses bug

Build system:
-build: add MXE compatibility

-Upgrade Qt to 5.7
-Upgrade Boost to 1.61
-Upgrade Berkeley to 6.1.26
-Upgrade OpenSSL to 1.0.2h
-Upgrade miniupnpc to 2.0

SHA256 Checksum:

vTorrent-0.8.1-Win.zip - 8e341ffc6b4031a9159ea1777a44da52a6c0206651b6bcfef984dc5fc18005fb

vTorrent-0.8.1-OSX.dmg - d08c5c01ce99bed8d90d25c53e3ad66549fd31b5837b3a07643622ceee74814d

vTorrent-0.8.1-ubuntu.tar.gz - 3acf4cb7c17d75d04315f0b57a42fe7e5a22919df8c87ca36408019e9d5c7883

vTorrentd-0.8.1-ubuntu.tar.gz - 1fc6ac69814e88fb0007d26319d0d38b9574974e52f6f8c898bb627f39bbbf2e

**This release has a massive overhaul regarding the way orphans are dealt with including asynchronous indexing. There will be a reindex on the blockindex only, so expect to wait between 40-60 minutes on first startup.

This upgrade is mandatory, all services such as exchanges and all users is required to make upgrade to this release as soon as possible.

vTorrent-Client 0.7.2b

@vtorrent vtorrent released this Apr 13, 2015 · 7 commits to master since this release

What's New

This release focused on improving overall stability, bug fixes (including rare passphrase error issue)

-Version bumped to 0.7.2 to indicate a new major release
-Bumped protocol version to 80014
-Switching signing to use libsecp256k1
-Added new DNS seed
-Added new Checkpoints
-Fixed wallet locking problem after sending coins
-Switch to Qt 5.4

-Dashboard or Overview page is now includes real time (total supply, market cap in BTC and USD, and current VTR trade value). I prefer to use Bitcoin price index API from CoinDesk since it can be access worldwide and support many foreign currency such as Chinese Yuan which will be implement with will change according to locale set in client's option in upcoming beta. All of this is native and not achieved through webpage on wallet like most wallet out there.

-Messenge function UX/UI is much improved from its base code and it should be one of the better one in terms of useability.
I am working on ability to set chat screenname or nickname, group chat and some sort of public 'shouting' board in client. Everything will stayed encrypted as before with all of these new functions.

-Trade function UX/UI is a completed rewrite from the last beta with best useability in mind. In my opinion it is one of the best much better trader than any other "in-client trader" out there. I put a lot of time in perfecting the trade function since I plan to have vTorrent client for mobile/tablet in the upcoming releases.
Script trading, graphs and secure way to save the API keys is being work on but this is no priority.

-QR Code UI is also much improved.

OS X: Make use of the 10.8+ user notification center to display Growl-like notifications

Build system:
-build: Fix OSX build when using Homebrew and qt5

-Upgrade leveldb to 1.17
-Upgrade Boost to 1.57
-Upgrade OpenSSL to 1.0.1j, includes CVE-2014-0224, CVE-2014-0160 and CVE-2014-0076 (see https://www.openssl.org/news/secadv_20140806.txt)
-Upgrade miniupnpc to 1.9.20140701
-Fix boost detection in build system on some platforms

MD5 Checksum:

vTorrent-Client-Win.zip - 3388b1cd3bbc59383d0ed8a35b96fd0d
vTorrent-Classic-Win.zip - 48dcc0c0679417824dce35a4b075568e

vTorrent-Client-OSX.zip - a33277db811f85ebab5dc6a33c22a757
vTorrent-Classic-OSX.zip - b464b131a5d5e626f1947f746a229450

vTorrent-Client-Ubuntu.zip - 9feef6b439b6891195bef7032600733d
vTorrent-Classic-Ubuntu.zip - 49c51b51065b73088ded758b94ce7d32

vTorrentd-Ubuntu-x86_64.zip - 096a5f14782097ae951a26dfdb0d8490
vTorrentd-Ubuntu-armv7l.zip - 1c8b4ae3beaa2d3e5e3950fbf7f17efd