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Small tool getting history for a path in a given local git repository and exporting it using Razor Template
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Git History Tool

Small tool getting history for a path in a given local git repository and exporting it using RazorTemplates

The tool get all the changes between revisions or to a revision of a local git repository and pass the commits to a Razor template which then outputs the result in a given file. The commits can be filtered by a given pat in the repository.


Usage: GitHistory.App.exe [-gitRepo] [-templateFile] [-outputFile] [-endRevision ] [-gitInstallationFolder ] [-includeMerges] [-pageTitle ] [-pathInRepo ] [-startRevision ]

To use the tool you can pass the following arguments:

  • gitRepo(or just r) - The local path to the git repository
  • templateFile(or just t) - The path to the Razor template file that will be used for tansforming the list of commits
  • outputFile(or just o) - The path to the file where the result content will be saved
  • startRevision(or r or revision) - This argument is optional and is needed if you want to get the changes in a range or to a revision
  • endRevision(or just er) - Optional argument that specifies the end revision
  • includeMerges(or just im) - Whether or not the merge commits to be included in the output
  • gitInstallationFolder(or just gi) - The path to the git executable if it is not set in the Path environment variable
  • pathInRepo(or just p) - The relative path inside the local repository where you want to get the changes for
  • pageTitle(or just pt) - This can be used for presentation purposes only. Can be passed to the command line and then output in the result

You can find example usage example.bat and razor example.razor files inside the project folder

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