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Vue2Leaflet is a JavaScript library for the Vue framework that wraps Leaflet making it easy to create reactive maps.

How to install

npm install vue2-leaflet leaflet --save

For more detailed information you can follow the Quick Start Guide

Breaking change from 1.x.x to 2.x.x

A new major release 2.0.0 is available and come with two breaking changes:

Leaflet is not automatically installed anymore

Leaflet is now a peerDependency and need to be installed manually, we updated our docs to reflect this but please pay attention when migrating

Importing the library in Webpack / Rollup

Now the code of vue2-leaflet is split component by component (while using a bundler like Webpack/Rollup/Parcel) to do so the following syntax is not working anymore:

import Vue2Leaflet from 'vue2-leaflet'; // INVALID

And has been replaced by

import * as Vue2Leaflet from 'vue2-leaflet'; // VALID

Is highly suggested to import only the needed modules by doing so:

import { LMap, LTileLayer, LMarker } from 'vue2-leaflet';

This will reduce the size of the bundle significantly


Go here to check out live examples and docs.

Support & Community

Do you have questions? Ideas? do you want to collaborate but you feel lost? Join us on discord Invite Link

Leaflet Plugins

Vue2Leaflet has a wide array of plugins written by the community! Check Here


# clone the repository
git clone
cd Vue2Leaflet
# install dependencies and build vue2-leaflet
npm install
# Compile the source and start the documentation server
npm run dev

Go to http://localhost:8080/ to see the docs and the examples

Any changes to the source code is reflected in the docs after a handfuls of seconds.


  • Mickaël Bouchaud
  • Nicolò Maria Mezzopera

Inspired by many map wrapper (google and leaflet) for many framework (React, Angular and Vue 1.0)


Nicolò Maria Mezzopera

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Michael Underwood


Michael Wolf


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Udo Schochtert


Yaman Ozakin


Andre-John Mas

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Pierre Grimaud


Andrei Rosca


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This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details