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[DEPRECATED] Vue Class Component

⚠️ Notice

This library is no longer actively maintained. It is no longer recommend to use Class-based components in Vue 3. The recommended way to use Vue 3 in large applications is Single-File Components, Composition API, and <script setup>. If you still want to use classes, check out the community-maintained project vue-facing-decorator.

Additionally, if you're interested in migrating out of class components, you might find the CLI tool vue-class-migrator helpful for the transition.

ECMAScript / TypeScript decorator for class-style Vue components.

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Please note, documentation for v8 is not ready yet. Check out the readme in the respective branch or see v8 proposals in the issue list

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Contribute to Vue Class Component using a fully featured online development environment that will automatically: clone the repo, install the dependencies and start the docs web server and run yarn dev.

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