CLI tool to aid in migration from Vue 1.x to 2.0
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CLI tool to aid in migration from Vue 1.x to 2.0. It scans files for Vue-specific code and provides detailed warnings when deprecated patterns are found. It cannot reliably catch every deprecation, but should get you 80% of the way there.



# install
npm install --global vue-migration-helper

# navigate to a Vue 1.x project directory
cd path/to/my-vue-project

# scan all files in the current directory
# scan all files in specific sub-directories
vue-migration-helper src folder-a folder-b
# scan a specific file or files
vue-migration-helper src/app.vue

When you want to update, just run the install again:

npm install --global vue-migration-helper


While the binary supports Node v4+, tests are written to take advantage of v6+, so you'll need that installed.

# clone the project
git clone

# navigate to directory
cd vue-migration-helper

# install the dependencies
npm install

Then write a failing test for a rule you'd like to improve. Confirm that it fails with:

# run all tests
npm run test -s

If your regex skills aren't strong enough to fix the problem yourself, just submit a pull request with the failing test and we'll take it from there. Before you do though, make sure to lint the project for typos and style violations:

# lint all files
npm run lint -s