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Assets 2

"...then man made the machine in his own likeness. Thus did man become the architect of his own demise." - The Instructor

Make sure to use latest version instead which fixes a few issues in this release.

  • Breaking Changes
    • JavaScript transition effect functions are now indicated by v-effect="effect-id".
    • Vue.transition() has been renamed to Vue.effect()
    • v-transition is now an empty directive, which indicates that the element has CSS transition.
    • vm.$watch callbacks are now batched - multiple changes to the same value within a single event loop will result in the callback fired only once, with the latest value.
  • New
    • v-animation for CSS animation support. doc
    • Wrapped setTimeout in JavaScript transition effect functions. doc
    • paramAttributes options for initializing data via inline attributes. doc
    • Extended Component constructors can now use plugins too.
  • Fixed
    • #129 Extended Component constructors now properly encapsulate assets registered through methods.
  • Internal Changes
    • v-on now delegates on a VM's root element in all cases except for blur and focus events.
    • utils.extend now returns the extended object, thanks to @bpierre !