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@kiaking kiaking released this 02 Feb 14:51

This is the official Vuex 4 release.

The focus for Vuex 4 is compatibility. Vuex 4 supports Vue 3, and it provides the exact same API as Vuex 3, so users can reuse their existing Vuex code with Vue 3.

There are a few breaking changes described in a later section, so please check them out.

You can find basic usage with both Option and Composition API in the example directory.

It's still released under next tag in NPM package as same as Vue 3. We're planning to remove next tag once Vue 3 is ready to remove it.

There have been a lot of contribution to make Vuex 4 stable. Thank you all for your very much appreciated help. It wouldn't have been possible without this wonderful Vue community!


To check out docs, visit

Breaking changes

Installation process has changed

To align with the new Vue 3 initialization process, the installation process of Vuex has changed.

To create a new store instance, users are now encouraged to use the newly introduced createStore function.

import { createStore } from 'vuex'

export const store = createStore({
  state() {
    return {
      count: 1

Whilst this is not technically a breaking change, you may still use the new Store(...) syntax, we recommend this approach to align with Vue 3 and Vue Router 4.

To install Vuex to a Vue instance, pass the store instance instead of Vuex.

import { createApp } from 'vue'
import { store } from './store'
import App from './App.vue'

const app = createApp(App)



Bundles are now aligned with Vue 3

The following bundles are generated to align with Vue 3 bundles:

    • For direct use with <script src="..."> in the browser. Exposes the Vuex global.
    • Global build is built as IIFE, and not UMD, and is only meant for direct use with <script src="...">.
    • Contains hard-coded prod/dev branches and the prod build is pre-minified. Use the .prod.js files for production.
  • vuex.esm-browser(.prod).js
    • For use with native ES module imports (including module supporting browsers via <script type="module">.
  • vuex.esm-bundler.js
    • For use with bundlers such as webpack, rollup and parcel.
    • Leaves prod/dev branches with process.env.NODE_ENV guards (must be replaced by bundler).
    • Does not ship minified builds (to be done together with the rest of the code after bundling).
  • vuex.cjs.js
    • For use in Node.js server-side rendering with require().

Typings for ComponentCustomProperties

Vuex 4 removes its global typings for this.$store within Vue Component to solve issue #994. When used with TypeScript, you must declare your own module augmentation.

Place the following code in your project to allow this.$store to be typed correctly:

// vuex-shim.d.ts

import { ComponentCustomProperties } from 'vue'
import { Store } from 'vuex'

declare module '@vue/runtime-core' {
  // Declare your own store states.
  interface State {
    count: number

  interface ComponentCustomProperties {
    $store: Store<State>

createLogger function is exported from the core module

In Vuex 3, createLogger function was exported from vuex/dist/logger but it's now included in the core package. You should import the function directly from vuex package.

import { createLogger } from 'vuex'

Bug Fixes Included Since 4.0.0-rc.2