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A VuePress theme with tons of features

中文简介 | Russian README

Author: Mr.Hope License Open in Visual Studio Code

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DeepScan grade CodeQL code cov Test theme

A VuePress theme with tons of features

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Grey Software


We recommend you to contact using issues and discussions, but you are welcome to join our telegram group!.


V2 is coming come together with VuePress2, with the power of Vite4 / Webpack5 and Vue3.

V2 is a full rewrite including:

  • All the components are rewritten with Composition API in Vue3
  • All the styles are migrated to Sass

Also V2 has a better performance:🚀

  • DevServer cold start time reduced by 50%
  • Build memory usage reduced by 65%
  • Build time reduced by 30%
  • Output Size reduced by 25%
  • Webpage performance up to 70%

Project Status



Thanks to all the contributors!


Stargazers over time

Stargazers over time