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πŸ“– A Vue CLI 3 Plugin for using Storybook with Vuetify
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A Vuetify Storybook Plugin for vue-cli@3.0

πŸ’Ώ Install

vue add vuetify-storybook

Once installed, you can run:

yarn serve:storybook
# OR
npm run serve:storybook

πŸš€ Usage

To add new stories, simply create a new file that contains .stories.js. An example exists in .storybook/stories/example.stories.js of your project.

Creating stories

If you are using vue-cli-plugin-vuetify-cli, stories will be automatically generated when you create new components.

// A helper function to faciliate the generation of stories
import { storyFactory } from '../util/helpers'

// Components
import { AnotherComponent } from 'path/to/component'

// Generate a factory function
// Will automatically bootstrap the story components
const story = storyFactory({
  // Can pass in an import function
  MyComponent: () => import('path/to/component'),
  // Or explicitly import and use

export const asDefault = () => story({
  template: `<my-component></my-component>`,

export const withAnotherComponent = () => story({
  template: `

πŸ’ͺ Supporting Vuetify

Vuetify is an open source MIT project that has been made possible due to the generous contributions by community backers. If you are interested in supporting this project, please consider:

πŸ“‘ License


Copyright (c) 2016-present Vuetify LLC

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