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TorTP - Tor Transparent Proxy

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TorTP changes the local iptables configuration in order to force all TCP traffic through Tor (and also UDP DNS requests). Other network traffic which is not capable of passing through Tor (such as UDP or ICMP) it is just dropped.

TorTP is based on stem, a python library which makes easier to enable embedded Transparen Proxy and DNS server capabilities in Tor.

HowTo install:

Add freepto repository:

$ wget

$ cat deb.gpg | apt-key add -

$ echo "deb berenjena main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/freepto.list


sudo apt-get install tortp python-tortp

Enable Tor Control Port:

sed -i 's/#ControlPort 9051/ControlPort 9051/' /etc/tor/torrc

Install GUI (optional):

apt-get install tortp-gtk

HowTo use TorTP:


$ sudo tortp -h

$ man tortp