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README for vbak

vvoody <ydoovv{AT}gmail.com>


  |-- 0.About
  |-- 1.Installation & Requirements
  |-- 2.Configuration
  |-- 3.Contact Me
  `-- 4.Acknowledgments


0. About

  Vbak is a handy tool for backuping your config files in Linux. I hope it
  make me backup, update, checkout files and show backuped files status easily.


  - Backup multiple files and directories at one time;

  - Tag one file or a group files;

  - Show what you have backuped;

  - Checkout file(s) according to the tag name;

  - Update all backuped files or one group of files tagged automatically;

  - Unbackup files;

  Vbak will copy the file(s) you wanna backup to the vbak backup repository.
  We will name the backuped file(s) name in our encode way.

  Tag is very useful. When you reinstall a software, you can checkout its
  config files by tag name.

  * See 'Howto' for usage.

  Vbak uses some temporary files like 'vbak.12345.x8D8d9a' under /tmp.
  Vbak will remove all of them every time vbak executes successfully.

1. Installation & Requirements

  Copy 'vbak.sh' to your PATH. Don't forget give him executable.
  Removing the suffix '.sh' makes vbak like a daily command ;-)
  Vbak is just a bash script. Commands used are very common. No need anymore.

2. Configuration

  Vbak's config file is under $HOME, named .vbakrc.

  'vbakrc_example' is a example for vbak config file - ~/.vbakrc, you can follow
  it to set your own backup repository.

3. Contact Me

  Project Vbak's home page is at:

  I release vbak under GNU GPL v3. Anybody's reviews and bug report are welcome.

  Bug report:

  - Issues page at home page (recommended);
  - email me: ydoovv{AT}gmail.com

  Code quality reviews:

  - Use the code review function Googlecode.com applied.


  - email me: ydoovv{AT}gmail.com

4. Acknowledgments
  Before vbak, I met Qbak created by WANG Cong. I referenced some functions from him ;-)

  Qbak's home page: