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Jekyll Autoprefixer Gem Version

Autoprefixer integration for Jekyll

This plugin provides simple autoprefixer support for Jekyll.


This plugin is available as a RubyGem.

Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'jekyll-autoprefixer'

And then execute the bundle command to install the gem.

Alternatively, you can also manually install the gem using the following command:

$ gem install jekyll-autoprefixer

After the plugin has been installed successfully, add the following lines to your _config.yml in order to tell Jekyll to use the plugin:

- jekyll-autoprefixer

Getting Started

No additional steps are required. All written CSS files inside the destination directory are overwritten with the output of autoprefixer.

Optionally, you can specify the browsers for which autoprefixer is supposed to generate prefixes inside your configuration:

  - last 2 versions

You can also specify that autoprefixer should only work in production mode:

  only_production: true


Fork this repository, make your changes and then issue a pull request. If you find bugs or have new ideas that you do not want to implement yourself, file a bug report.


Copyright (c) 2015 Vincent Wochnik.

License: MIT