Utility to launch Kubernetes in Docker
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kid - Kubernetes in Docker

Launch Kubernetes 1.3 in Docker in one kid up command.

 ❱ kid
kid is a utility for launching Kubernetes in Docker
Usage: kid [command]

Available commands:
  up       Starts Kubernetes in the Docker host currently configured with your local docker command
  down     Tear down a previously started Kubernetes cluster
  restart  Restart Kubernetes

Linux - Local Docker

On Linux kid will launch Kubernetes using the local Docker Engine.

macOS - Docker Machine or Docker for Mac

On macOS kid will start Kubernetes in the boot2docker VM if there is an active Docker Machine. kid then sets up port forwarding so that you can use kubectl locally without having to ssh into boot2docker.

If kid detects a local installation of Docker for macOS, it uses that instead.


In order for kid to operate you must have installed the following and have the commands available on your PATH.


kid also sets up: