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An Open Protocol for On-Stage, Live 3D Position Data

Initially developed as a means for VYV's Photon Media Server to internally communicate the position of freely-moving projection surfaces, PosiStageNet became an open standard through a close collaboration between VYV and MA Lighting, makers of the world-reknowned GrandMA2 lighting console.

The result is a combined positioning and lighting system that allows for effects of an unparalleled scale, where large numbers of moving lights can precisely follow multiple performers on stage. The protocol’s applications do not stop at lighting – sound designers can use its data to accurately pan sound effects and music automatically according to the action on stage, and automation operators can obtain another level of feedback on the position of motor-driven stage elements – or even set targets. And that’s just the start; the applications of 3D stage positioning systems are only beginning to be explored.

If you have implemented PosiStageNet in your system and would like to be mentioned on the website, or you have used PosiStageNet for a project and would like to submit material for our Projects Showcase, or for other enquiries, please contact us at

Wireshark Dissector

This package contains a Wireshark dissector for the PosiStageNet protocol. The plugin was initially developped by TAIT, and later updated by VYV.


Copy the Lua dissector file to the Wireshark personal plugins folder. Find this folder by looking in
Help > About Wireshark > folders > Personal Lua Plugins (you may need to create this folder).

Note: By default, only the packets sent to the address will be decoded as PSN packets. To decode packets from another address/port, right-click on a packet and select "Decode As...". In the "Current" column, select "PSN".