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A node.js client for the vzaar API.

vzaar is the go to video hosting platform for business. Affordable, customizable and secure. Leverage the power of online video and enable commerce with vzaar. For more details and signup please visit


npm install 'vzaar'


var Vzaar = require("vzaar");
var api = new Vzaar.Api({token: "API token", login: "vzaar login"});

If your login and API token are correct, you should be able to fetch your login by calling:

api.whoAmI(function(statusCode, data) {


Note: api#videoDetails and api#videoList don't require authentication when API public feed option is enabled for given account. api#userDetails and api#accountType are public.

Fetching account's type details:
api.accountType(accountTypeId, callback);
Fetching user's details:
api.userDetails(username, callback);
Getting details from video:
api.videoDetails(videoId, callback, params);
Fetching videos:
api.videoList(login, callback, params);


api.videoList("username", function(statusCode, data) {
  // callback body
}, { count:, 5, labels: "foo, bar" });
Editing existing video:
api.editVideo(videoId, callback, data);


api.editVideo(123, function(statusCode, data) {
  // callback body
}, { title:, "my video" });
Deleting video from vzaar:
api.deleteVideo(videoId, callback);
Updating existing video:

Not supported yet

Uploading new video to s3 (video object will not be created on vzaar):
api.s3Upload(pathToFile, callback);
Processing video:
api.processVideo(callback, data);


api.processVideo(function(statusCode, data) {
  // callback body
}, { guid:, "GUID", title: "my video", profile: 3 });
Upload and process video:
api.uploadAndProcessVideo(path, callback, data);


api.uploadAndProcessVideo("./path/to/my/video.mp4", function(statusCode, data) {
  // callback body
}, { title: "my video", profile: 3 });
Link Upload:
api.linkUpload(callback, data);


api.linkUpload(function(statusCode, data) {
  // callback body
}, { encoding_params: { size_id: 3, title: "my title" },
     url: "" });
Uploading new thumbnail for video:
api.uploadThumbnail(videoId, callback, data);


api.uploadThumbnail(12345, function(statusCode, data) {
  // callback body
}, { path:, "./path/to/pic.jpg" });
Generating new thumbnail based on given time value:
api.generateThumbnail(videoId, callback, data);


api.generateThumbnail(function(statusCode, data) {
  // callback body
}, { time:, 2 });
Adding subtitle to the video (authentication required):
api.addSubtitle(callback, data);


api.addSubtitle(function(statusCode, data) {
  // callback body
}, { body: "1\n00:00:17,440 --> 00:01:20,375\n ......", language: "en" });
Getting guid and aws signature:
api.signature(callback, params);


  1. Fork it
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create new Pull Request


Released under the MIT License.