A PHP Daemon with forked client connections and process management.
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fastest963 / PHP-Simple-Daemon
Version: .1

The daemon.php file contains all the code necessary to running the PHP Daemon.  A daemon is a background-running process that accepts connects and acts on them. With every new connection to this daemon, a new process will be created or forked.

PHP 5.x

After downloading the file, put it in a writable directory (777), create a writable PIDs directory and open the daemon.php file. Take a look at the various configuration options at the beginning, edit them as necessary. Then give the daemon permissions to execute and run. The default server log is “server.log” take a look at that for any errors.

Users/Clients must submit \n\r (or press Return) to submit anything to the daemon. I will work on something better down the road.

The following commands can be run from within a client to manage the server:
Shutdown (shutdown all clients and server)
Restart (shutdown all clients and server, then start) 
End (end client connection)
Quit (same as end)
Login (login with user and password)