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Swaggervel Integration with Laravel Passport Example


This project is a companion to a post that guides users through utilizing Laravel Passport with Swaggervel. The creation was spurred by this issue and the pain points I ran into when trying to get this working.

A few steps are highly opinionated and primarily personal preference, like manually segregating versioned Model, Controllers, and Requests. I've only illustrated the accessCode OAuth2 flow but the password flow is pretty much identical. The implicit and application flows are a little more difficult but we've enabled implicit grants via Passport::enableImplicitGrant(); if you'd like to test it out. It's likely possible to have multiple flows working in unison tied to multiple OAuth clients that only support Swaggervel though I haven't tried.


  • Clone the repository git clone
  • Change to the newly cloned directory cd laravel-passport-swaggervel-example
  • Run composer install composer install.
  • Setup the .env file cp .env.example .env.
  • Generate a new key php artisan key:generate.
  • Setup valet valet link passport-swaggervel.
  • Secure valet valet secure passport-swaggervel.
  • Create the database laravel-passport-swaggervel as utf8mb4 in your SQL editor of choice.
  • Modify the .env variables DB_USERNAME and DB_PASSWORD to connect to your database.
  • If you plan on making changes to the frontend, you'll need to run npm install first.


  • Register a test user by going to the registration url https://passport-swaggervel.test/register.
  • Go to the home screen to see the Laravel Passport vue components https://passport-swaggervel.test/home.
  • Create a new OAuth Client
    • Click Create New Client
    • Name Swaggervel
    • Redirect URL https://passport-swaggervel.test/vendor/swaggervel/oauth2-redirect.html
    • Note: You can modify the redirect url to drop the hostname as just /vendor/swaggervel/oauth2-redirect.html but this needs to be changed by accessing the database directly. Laravel Passport's validation rules won't allow a url without the full format.
  • Copy the Client ID and Secret and paste into .env variables SWAGGER_CLIENT_ID and SWAGGER_CLIENT_SECRET respectively.
  • Go to the Swagger UI endpoint https://passport-swaggervel.test/api/docs.
  • Click the Authorize button with the padlock icon.
  • Verify the client_id and client_secret are correct and click Authorize.
  • Upon first authorization you should be greeted with the Laravel Passport Authorization Request screen. Click Authorize.
  • Test Swagger by getting the list of users https://passport-swaggervel.test/api/docs#/users/getUserList
    • Click Try it out
    • Click Execute
    • You should see a 200 response with the list of users and the Curl section should show a bearer token.


  • If the Redirect URL is not correctly pointed to the file at /vendor/swaggervel/oauth2-redirect.html, Swagger UI will throw an error and not work properly.

Highlighted pain points

  • Swaggervel utilizes a file called oauth2-redirect.html to capture the expected tokens.
  • Laravel Passport's validation rules do not allow the easiest form of pointing to this file with a Redirect URL of /vendor/swaggervel/oauth2-redirect.html.
    • You can always use the fully qualified hostname like https://passport-swaggervel.test/vendor/swaggervel/oauth2-redirect.html but this has to change any time this jumps to a new server.
  • In the Swagger UI blade view, the parameter oauth2RedirectUrl: '/vendor/swaggervel/oauth2-redirect.html', is absolutely required to function.
  • You're storing the client_id and client_secret in config/swaggervel.php which may be a security concern.
    • I've added the environment variables SWAGGER_CLIENT_ID SWAGGER_CLIENT_SECRET to keep the contents out of source control.


Laravel Passport integration with Swaggervel sample project using Laravel v5.6.x





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