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Connecting to a meeting

For the best experience, ensure you are connected through both audio and chat


We recommend you connect to our meetings with an SIP client. To do this, you need a SIP client installed on your device.

If you need help selecting a SIP client, Linphone is an example SIP client that is free and available on many platforms.


  1. Set your display name, which will be displayed in IRC.
    • In Linphone it's under Linphone > Preferences > SIP accounts > Default identity
  2. Update your settings to use a random SIP port (this will help avoid annoying calls)
    • In Linphone it's under Linphone > Preferences > Network > Network protocol and Ports
  3. Probably you'll need to disable IPv6
    • In Linphone it's under Linephone > Preferences > Network > Transport -- toggle "allow IPv6"


Once your SIP client is set up, connect to the CCG call at:


Note: if you also want a SIP account, you can use Linphone's account setup form.

If for some reason you're not able to connect via a SIP client, you can dial in by phone:

US phone: +1.540.274.1034 x6306 EU phone: + x6306


During the meeting, we use IRC to share links, keep meeting minutes, ask questions, etc. The CCG IRC channel is:


If you're unfamiliar with IRC, note that you can easily connect through a browser:

Now that you're connected, see the IRC Command Reference for help with IRC commands.