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[css-cascade] Do we need a keyword similar to revert, but for cascade layers? #5793

mirisuzanne opened this issue Dec 14, 2020 · 5 comments


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Cascade Level 4 added the revert keyword for rolling back values to their definition in the previous origin.

In the draft Cascade 5 specification we provide cascade layers, which are conceptually similar to origins – but controlled by authors. It might be helpful to provide a similar syntax for rolling back to the value defined in previous layers.

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fantasai commented Jan 8, 2021

We should make sure that the preshint rules are given their own layer so that this works to unwind author rules without affecting preshint mapping. See #5836.

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Contributor Author

In another conversation, @fantasai suggested revert-layer as the keyword – and that makes sense to me as an initial proposal.

This would roll back the cascaded value of a declaration to the previous layer with a value specified, as if no current-layer rules were specified for this property on this element.

@astearns astearns added this to the VF2F-2021-02-11 APAC milestone Feb 2, 2021
@astearns astearns added this to Feb 11 in Feb 2021 vf2f Feb 2, 2021
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The CSS Working Group just discussed CSS Cascade 5, and agreed to the following:

  • RESOLVED: Add revert-layer to Cascade 5
The full IRC log of that discussion <fantasai> Topic: CSS Cascade 5
<bkardell_> q-
<Rossen_> github:
<fantasai> miriam: Cascade layers work like origins in that they stack on top of each other, containing specificity
<fantasai> miriam: with origins, useful to revert to previous origns
<fantasai> miriam: suggestion that this might be useful for layers
<fantasai> miriam: might be possible also to say which level to revert to
<fantasai> miriam: but that's the question here
<fantasai> florian: I think we need at least one
<fantasai> florian: if pple use and need more, can extend further
<bkardell_> Rossen_: my q was whether we would want to put switch stuff in that same spec for now
<argyle> q+
<fantasai> argyle: would be useful
<Rossen_> ack argyle
<fantasai> argyle: seems likely that I'd want to revert down to a particular layer
<fantasai> argyle: think of Island app want to import their 3 layers
<fantasai> argyle: might want to revert down to a particular one
<argyle> background-color: revert(bootstrap);
<fantasai> s/Rossen_: my q/Rossen_, my q/
<leaverou> what about revert just reverts to the result of every other layer being applied *but* the current layer?
<fantasai> miriam: I'm open to both
<fantasai> leaverou, that's * {all: revert} at the start of your style sheet
<fantasai> [missed]
<fantasai> florian: behavior is obvious, can spec both and see which ones have been implemented
<leaverou> fantasai: I thought that reverted the entire current origin?
<fantasai> Rossen_: ?? much easier to implement
<dlibby> q+
<fantasai> Rossen_: specific-level revert is easier
<fantasai> dlibby: for specific-layer revert, any concerns wrt footgun for authors
<fantasai> dlibby: if referring to specific layer not applied yet?
<fantasai> s/specific-level/revert-to-previous-layer/
<argyle> `background: revert(bootstrap, 'hotpink');`
<fantasai> Rossen_: can refer to these as target-revert vs immediate-revert
<fantasai> fantasai: current-level-revert
<fantasai> florian: Seems confusing
<fantasai> florian: targetted one, doesn't revert a particular layer, reverts all layers down to named one
<fantasai> florian: if there's nothing there, it applies styles from previous layers
<fantasai> dlibby: Florian might have answered, but if you didn't have layer with particular name / hasn't been applied, seems odd to target something might come later in the cascade
<Rossen_> fantasai: my take, let's do the immediate layer revert. It is simpler to implement and spec. Say cascade 5 includes this and build use cases from there.
<florian> +1
<Rossen_> fantasai: let's keep it simple and start from there
<Rossen_> q?
<Rossen_> ack fantasai
<astearns> perhaps a note with the possible extension and an ask for use cases for it?
<fantasai> sure
<fantasai> Rossen_: Current proposal is go with current-level-revert for Cascade 5
<fantasai> fantasai: proposed name is revert-layer
<fantasai> fantasai: if no immediate suggestions to rename, let's go with that
<fantasai> RESOLVED: Add revert-layer to Cascade 5
<fantasai> <br duration=10min>
<jfkthame> present-

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Forgot to tag 23e8ba6 and 090abe4 here. Anyway, that wraps up the edits, closing out.

@mirisuzanne mirisuzanne moved this from To Review/Publish to Complete in Cascade 5 (Layers) Mar 15, 2021
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Contributor Author

I saw that the Chrome intent to prototype (from @xiaochengh) and platform status mention this as a part of the spec that they do not intend to implement, for complexity/performance reasons:

We will not implement the 'revert-layer' keyword due to its high complexity and likely negative performance impact.

I don't know if that's something we need to revisit in the spec, but I wanted to make sure that's documented here.

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