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EPUBCheck v4.2.1

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Total Downloads of EpubCheck 4.2.1

This is a production-ready release of EPUBCheck, which provides complete support for checking conformance to the EPUB 3.2 family of specifications.

Version 4.2.1 is a maintenance release which fixes an issue with the doc-endnote DPUB ARIA role (see details below).

This release was made by the DAISY Consortium, for the W3C. Many thanks to everyone who contributed!

This EPUBCheck version is also available in the Maven Central Repository as org.w3c:epubcheck:4.2.1.

Tip: If you are running EPUBCheck on a 32bit JVM and it crashes and reports a StackOverflowError, try to increase the Java Thread Stack Size!

Bug Fixes

  • allow doc-endnote on li children of ol (275fcd1), closes #1041
  • update schemas from upstream HTML Checker (4d5a24d)