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Table of Contents


Basic Information

Point of Contact 1: John Foliot

Point of Contact 2: Jaunita George

Assigned to: Protocols Subgroup

IRC channel: channel: #wcag3-protocols

Fridays alternating between 8:00am and 12:00pm US Eastern Time

Make sure you are logged in on those pages to see teleconference information details. The teleconference link is the same for both calls.

Current Work

Google Drive Folder


Issues and Comments

Issues relating to Protocols

Referenced Research


Key Decisions Agreed On with Date

  • Decision: There are two views about how Protocols can be used (4/15):
   1.	Protocols can evaluate guidance where the outcomes cannot be measured, such as evaluating whether a process has been followed.
   2.	Protocols are above or beyond any type of conformance, aka “extra credit”
  • Decision: Work will continue on both areas of consensus. (4/15)
  • Decision: Meetings will alternate between 8am and 12pm EST. (4/15)
  • Decision: Table discussion of splitting discussion during meetings until we have mechanics worked out but can split the time to both theories next week to keep discussion and work moving. (4/15)
  • Decision: Protocols measures inputs and not outcomes. 7 January 2022 Subgroup?
  • Decision: Accountability mechanisms are necessary. 7 January 2022 Subgroup?
  • Decision: For measurement, accountability mechanism of protocols corresponds to measurement mechanism of outcome statement. 7 January 2022 Subgroup?
  • Undecided: Accountability of protocols has same visibility as conformance statement, or is part of conformance claim. 7 January 2022 Subgroup?
  • AG agrees to explore this direction, working on the next steps from the presentation

Working Document History


  • John Foliot (lead)
  • Jaunita George (lead)
  • Gregg Vanderheiden
  • Jake Abma
  • Jeanne Spellman
  • Suzanne Taylor
  • Jen Strickland
  • Chuck Adams
  • Rachael Bradley-Montgomery
  • Michael Cooper