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Tanks of Freedom



  • scripted map events in campaign
  • integrated RU language
  • updated AI for better performance
  • updated Settings UI and UI graphics
  • updated to Godot 2.1.4 (2.1.2 or newer required)
  • added camera dragging with right mouse button
  • added loading screen when map is being built
  • added AI speed settings
  • added camera speed settings
  • camera going to HQ at the start of each turn now can be disabled
  • tooltips at the start of each turn now can be disabled
  • fixed a crash when unit had map boundary in movement range
  • fixed accidental menu clicks when skipping intro
  • fixed a bug where touching edge of screen would send the camera far away
  • fixed huge amount of errors being printed into the console


  • added 'back' behaviour to most menus
  • moved gamepad end-turn indicator, to end-turn button
  • integrated JA language thanks to naofum
  • fixed crash when pressing P in menus while game is paused
  • fixed bad background on skirmish setup 'back' button
  • fixed ui_accept button not working on android


  • fixed gamebreaking bug with theme timing
  • you can now move camera in online multiplayer while waiting for opponent
  • added visual distincion on tile edges for large bridges
  • made map MayDay prettier
  • added replay for online games that has been lost
  • added link to online map browser in menu


  • game now download 6 stock maps in the background after player is registered
  • workshop 'Play' changed to 'Test'
  • currently picked block in workshop now has own panel to make it more readable
  • testing map from workshop now removes fog
  • updated Online menu Help
  • fixed building spawn detection to pick empty tile if default one is empty
  • updated translations docs
  • reduced FPS for Android to 30 for battery conservation
  • updated resources export settings to not pull not needed files


  • added online multiplayer
  • fixed crash when pressing 'buy' button on gamepad without active field
  • improved English translation
  • added German translation
  • campaign mission 3 now has tank factory and extra tank on start
  • modified input prompt for Android to not be covered by keyboard
  • added information about blocked building spawn
  • fixed broken road pieces on Airplane and Recapture
  • fixed a bug where user could not do anything when trying to upload a map with empty list
  • fixed game crash when pressing 'end turn' with analog stick off-centre
  • fixed gamepad controlls not working after entering workshop
  • fixed broken paging on remote maps list
  • disabled overscan for android
  • enabled screen rotation for android


  • workshop fill now places plains
  • improved French translation
  • added more configuration options for server


  • added changing terrain and city tiles to seasons
  • added SSL to all online communication
  • added gamepad controls screen
  • added theme selector to workshop toolbox
  • modified menu timer to start Fall a month later
  • modified Pandora layout to maximize map view
  • translated campaign mission descriptions to Polish
  • game should now not quit when using 'back' on android devices
  • lowered resolution for Android to make game more eligible on phones
  • camera movements are more dynamic
  • fixed some labels in menus not having non-latin chars
  • fixed some labels changing positions when too long text was set
  • fixed many translation errors in PL and EN
  • fixed background gradient not expanding when game starts in fullscreen
  • fixed crash when trying to use Online Menu functions
  • fixed map name not being shown correctly in-game
  • fixed skirmish maps defaulting to Fall
  • fixed replay not working on remote maps
  • fixed crash caused by using gamepad
  • fixed gamepad tooltips always showing as OUYA
  • changed Player registration to not block rendering

  • hotfixed engine config for android not loading translations


  • ported project to Godot 2.1-stable
  • added seasons to campaign missions
  • added partial French and Polish language
  • reworked all labels to use new font support
  • added Overscan setting for TV setups
  • OUYA style button help will show when using OUYA gamepad
  • added clear indication which team won the battle
  • re-added zoom buttons and mouse scroll zoom
  • added specific gamepad binds for Pandora
  • fixed Settings button not working correctly when playing from Workshop
  • fixed ground damage not being preserved on save/resume
  • fixed missing screenshake when units are destroyed
  • fixed missing tips when list runs out and cycles back


  • engine updated to Godot 2.0.2
  • added online map sharing
  • added new skirmish map: split
  • added new skirmish map: territorial
  • added secondary map list for downloaded maps
  • streamlined menu buttons for easier navigation with gamepad
  • added new menu soundtrack
  • added XBOX gamepad button indicators while in game
  • updated in-game building card to be more readable
  • updated map file format to add space for data other than tiles
  • fixed a bug where AI would sometimes try to walk a tank/heli through a building
  • fixed a bug where mouse had an offset when game resolution changed
  • fixed a bug where cinematic bars were too short on higher resolutions
  • fixed minor errors in few campaign maps
  • fixed minor errors in few skirmish maps
  • reduced a number of AI starting units in mission 8
  • added feature toggles for online, workshop and save/resume
  • added documentation for making community ports


  • ported game source to Godot 2.0
  • added gamepad support
    • refer to for details
    • not available in OSX version
  • added battle stats to pause/resume
  • added keyboard B hotkey to center camera on map
  • fixed error message in workshop being trimmed
  • fixed some river tiles not matching each other


  • native resolution mode (not available for android)
  • settings for AI difficulty
  • resume game (limited save/load)
  • added click sounds to all buttons
  • 'camera follow' is now always on in CPU vs CPU
  • games started from Workshop now return to Workshop instead of Main Menu
  • fixed clicking on 'change tile' button in workshop placing tiles underneath it
  • fixed custom map list not refreshing when new map is saved
  • fixed workshop popup showing 'Start turn' button
  • removed export configs for Android with 1:1 screen ratio

  • fixed AI locking-up by tank or heli trying to capture building when there are no enemies nearby
  • fixed AI-owned buildings not revealing fog of war in Demo mode

  • fixed menu background map positioning
  • fixed movement tiles wrongly showing possible attack when there is not enough AP
  • fixed data versioning file not recreating if it is removed
  • improved waves
  • fixed workshop land-fill tool
  • fixed translations for tips not working after export
  • fixed hud dead zone detection preventing units from entering certain parts of maps
  • fixed camera zoom settings not being saved
  • modified gui and menus to not overlap on low resolutions
  • tuned down campaign difficulty
  • added AI easy mode (not yet available)

  • fixed default zoom value


  • increased resolution of terrain tiles
  • redesigned in-game gui
  • fixed major AI locking issue
  • many minor bugfixes and improvements
  • reworked camera now using Godot camera funcionality
  • added tips between turns


  • New units movement
    • units can move more tiles at once
    • valid path, no longer than range, must exist
  • CPU turn progress bar
  • New custom map picker for Skirmish and Workshop
  • Human/CPU switches for Play option in Workshop
  • Remove map option for Workshop
  • Unit/Building deselect when clicking on empty tile
  • Fixed building capture indicator showing under buildings
  • Fixed clicks through HUD on Android devices
  • Click/Drag threshold added to prevent accidental unit actions
  • Fixed Human/CPU settings not saving after switch
  • Updated mission briefings in campaign
  • Fixed map saved popup in Workshop
  • Fixed underground not showing correctly near bridges


  • Reworked Workshop, now for touch screens
    • more tiles available
    • LMB/touch dragging
    • undo shortcut: Z
    • camera centered
    • camera zoom same as in-game
    • placing fences/walls
    • new terrain type: dirt
  • New Soundtrack, reworked units sounds
  • Stats screen now shows different buttons depending on game type
  • Extended colour palette to 32
  • Reworked campaign difficulty levels
  • Bridges
  • Preventing clicks on map/workshop through HUD
  • Cinematic camera for AI turn
  • Camera follow toggle
  • Game available in Google Play as Beta Access
  • Modified units healthbars, removed ready indicator
  • Better AI performance, not choking main thread as much
  • Main menu background is now a custom map


  • removed terrain movement costs
  • capturing tower now deplets unit AP
  • redesigned main menu
  • redesigned campaign menu
  • redesigned in-game HUD
  • redesigned stats screen
  • introduced campaign progression - need to beat maps to unlock next
  • fixed AI not being aggresive
  • fixed AI mostly moving into bottom-right
  • added scripts for automated builds
  • added three starting custom maps
  • demo mode now uses only custom maps
  • added demo mode button to menu
  • balanced units stats and field of view
  • increased AP gain and units cost
  • hidden AP gain under fog
  • hidden HUD on CPU turn
  • renamed Local Multiplayer to Skirmish
  • code cleanup
  • added CHANGELOG file


  • new main menu graphics
  • moved human/cpu switches and campaign to the Local Multiplayer menu
  • capturing towers no longer despawns soldier
  • added new campaign maps
  • added simple background stories to each campaign map
  • moved old campaign maps out of the 0,0 corner
  • modified position of barracks on campaign maps to be cost-effective
  • modified edges of some maps for better road behaviour
  • migrated game to Godot 1.1 version
  • due to a problem in Godot 1.1, OUYA is not supported until further notice
  • buildings next to the roads now only spawn small versions


  • added new campaign maps
  • added surrounding water
  • added fog of war
  • ammended camera movements on cpu turn to account fog of war
  • added possibility to place spawn point around the building
  • locked resolution to 1280x720 and 720x720 (android only)
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