Converts BBCode to HTML and from HTML to BBCode using javascript
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Based off of phpBB's BBCode parser. Uses the same tags as the custom BBCode.

How to Use

Adding BBCode

bbcodeParser.addBBCode(bbcode syntax, html syntax);


bbcodeParser.addBBCode('[b]{TEXT}[/b]', '<strong>{TEXT}</strong>');
bbcodeParser.addBBCode('[url]{URL}[/url]', '<a href="{URL}">{URL}</a>');
bbcodeParser.addBBCode('[url={URL}]{TEXT}[/url]', '<a href="{URL}">{TEXT}</a>');
bbcodeParser.addBBCode('[text]{TEXT1} :: {TEXT2}[/text]', '<span>{TEXT1} :: {TEXT2}</span>');

BBCode to HTML

var html = bbcodeParser.bbcodeToHtml('[text]testing some text!123[/text]');

HTML to BBCode

var bbcode = bbcodeParser.htmlToBBCode('<span>testing some text!123 testing some text!123</span>');